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Rev. 16-Jan-2001
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Chaz Boston Baden/Erik V. Olson,

Pictures from Chicon 2000 - more links.

Convention Reports - now online. If you have one you'd like to add, please mail the webmasters.
Pictures from Chicon 2000 - another link added.
Pictures from Chicon 2000 - added more links.
Pictures from Chicon 2000 - link list of various collections of images from Chicon 2000, including...
Pictures from - ... the long overdue collection of pictures from the onsite webserver.
Programming - information on program recordings is now up.
Hugo Voting Results - rewrote HTML to some form of sanity, comments from the Administrator added. Big Heart info added.
Masquerade - list of award winners, link to photographs posted.
Staff and Committee Roster - updated Exhibits, Facilites, Finance Division, Chairman's Office.
Staff and Committee Roster - updated Condiments, Exhibits, and Program Divisons.
Hugo Voting Results - now online.
Staff and Committee Roster - Many divisions updated, as we try and compile the final staff list. Chicon Staff: Please send updates to
Staff and Committee List - updated Publications Division.
Mirror of Onsite.Chicon.Org - now online.
Hyatt Regency - has small fridges for $25.
Meet the Pros, Autographing - a list of pros autographing is now online. Added link to "Meet the Pros" on the Autographs page.
Hyatt Regency - the "All-In-One" package has been discontinued.
Art Show - added Bid Sheets and Control Sheet now online, in PDF format. Requires, right now, Acrobat 4.0, we'll try to fix that soon.
Hyatt - Photo Hut will be closed Sat-Sun.
Table of Contents, various - eliminated obsolete forms.
Gaming - updated articles.
Dances, Dramatic and Musical Presentations, Meet-the-Pros, Ceremonies - updated times/rooms for various events.
Kaffeeklatsches - corrected sign-up location.
All About Chicago, Hotels - added more "See also" links.
Program Schedule: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday - updated to 23-Aug-2000. See [www] for the constantly updated listings.
Staff and Comittee Roster - updated FIAWOL division.
Business Meeting - added "Call for Motions."
Guest of Honor Book - added article.
Volunteers - added note about potential reimbursement policy.
Kaffeeklatches - they will be held in "Truffles" at the Hyatt Regency. Added article about sign-up procedure.
Frequently Asked Questions, Gaming - added some Gaming-related questions and answers.
Dances - updated Spanish (Mexican) Dance.
Film Program - 16mm films will be shown in the ballroom level below the Swissotel Lobby level. Video program will be on the 2nd floor.
Readings - corrected some minor typos.
Chesley Awards - corrected time to 7:30PM.
Travel by Car - updated with parking information and construction updates.
Staff and Committee Roster - updated Convention Services and Events divisions.
Parties - added note about Worldcon Nippon's bid party for Japan in 2007.
Fan Funds - new page, currently detailing reception for the TAFF and DUFF delegates.
Concourse - new page, detailing the exhibits and tours of the Concourse.
Program Participant Index - updated to 21-Aug-2000.
Hugo Awards - updated with vote count, ceremony news, and new links, including the fact that the Muppets use a similar voting system.
Dealers List - explanation of "[weapons]".
Dramatic and Musical Presentations - The performance of the children's musical "Nothing But Garbage" has been cancelled (Saturday, 10:00 Crystal room, Fairmont) due to the sudden death of the director.
Films and Video - rewrote a paragraph.
Parties - added Christian Fandom [www] and DucKon X [www] parties.
Hyatt Regency Chicago - added hotel-supplied information on All-in-One Package, Business Center, Check-In, Check-Out, Concierge, Emergency, Film Developing, Florist, Hours of Operation, Housekeeping, Kosher, Laundry and Valet Services, Liquor Laws, Lost and Found, Medical Facilities, Mini Bar/In-Room Bar, Parking, Perfect Stay Program, Regency Caterers, Rollaway Policy, Shipping and Receiving, Swimming Pool, Taxes.
Chesley Awards - added another article. Everyone is invited.
Golden Duck Awards, Sidewise Awards, Webs of Wonder Awards - new articles.
Dances, Regency Dance - updated Disco Dance and Regency Dance articles.
Program Participants - added links to 74 pages.
Kaffeeklatches, Readings - info added.
Massage Room - presented by the Chicago School of Massage Therapy.
Parties - added a note on attending parties, and updated Bucconeer blurb.
Members Home Pages - added Blevins, Tippi N.. [www]; Brukman, David. [www]; Corwin, Jerry Wayne. [www]; Feintuch, David. [www]; Frank, Jane. [www]; Gardner, David Jonathan. [www]; Kosatka, Julia Blackshear. [www]; Lee, April. [www]; Lerner, Edward Mark. [www]; Shelley, Rick. [www]; Shere, Howard. [www]
Student Science Fiction and Fantasy Contest - winners and finalists online.
Parties - added DemiCon 12 Party [www]
Members Home Pages - updated URL for Rosenbaum, Arwen. [www]
Membership List - new list as of 18-Aug-2000 uploaded.
Travel by Air - added info about OSC discount.
Registration, Deadlines - deadline for transferring memberships moved to 25-Aug-2000.
Missing Members - updated.
Masquerade - - updated write-up with time and location.
Con Suite, Weapons Policy, Bob Eggleton--The Live Exhibit, Art Show Docent Tours - some info online.
Autograph Sessions summary online.
Fan Lounge - updated e-mail contact.
Meet The Pros - now back at 8:00PM on Thursday. This time for sure!
Registration - Pre-Registration ended 15-Aug-2000. The at the door rate is $195.
Program Schedule: Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday - now online, current to 16-Aug-2000.
Want Ads - cleaned out a couple of unneeded ads.
Staff and Committee List - updated Publications.
Blood Drive - info online.
Top - Chicon gives thanks to GalaxyOnline [www], our premiere sponsor.
Hotel Vacancy Chart - updated, for the last time.
Parties - added Chernobyl in 2011 [www] and Embiid Publishing [www] parties.
Hugo Nominees - updated Alexandia Digital Literature blurb.
Infobot News - added more bouncing e-mail userids.
Smoking - added info on where you may and must not smoke.
Gaming - added some highlights.
Want Ads - updated want ad for Hugo Ceremony, stressing the need for ushers.
Dealers - posted list of dealers at Chicon 2000.
Parties - added Minneapolis in '73/Minicon Suite [www]
Meet The Pros - updated with location (Crystal and Regent Rooms, Fairmont) and time (7PM Thursday.)
Ceremonies - updated times of GoH Speeches and Closing Ceremonies.
Internet Lounge - will be located in the Hyatt.
Thursday, Top - Where's Thursday? Attention Thursday Night Irregulars: Thursday will be held at the usual time (8ish) in the Fan Lounge in Columbus Hall. Come and reminisce, help collate a retrospective Windyapa, and argue over whose turn it is to go out for more Coke. (If you show up too early, though, we'll make you vacuum.)
Program Participant Index, Filk Music - added links to some home pages.
Members Home Pages - added Belfiore, Jim. [www]; Gresh, Lois H.. [www]; Haldeman, Jack C.. [www]; Krolczyk, Chris. [www]; Larson, Bob "Blars". [www]; McElligott, Paul. [www]; Nye, Jody Lynn. [www]; Roche, Kevin P.. [www]; Sparhawk, Bud [www]; Stevens-Arce, James. [www]; Strock, Ian Randal. [www]; Szpindel, Isaac. [www]; Tosney, Kathryn. [www]; Weinberg, Bob [www]; Woolf, Ian. [www]
Filk Music - added link to Filker.Org Filk Resource Repository [www];changed "Filk Lounge" to "Filk Suitelounge."
Childcare - added hours that Childcare is scheduled to be open.
Film Program - added note about Hugo-nominated Dramatic Presentations.
Art Show - added a little item summarizing the rates.
Hotels, Hyatt, Fairmont, Swisôtel - - booking rooms through One-Stop Chicago is now over. The hotels will take direct bookings around 15-Aug-2000, depending on space available.
Staff and Committee List - updated Concourse staff.
Fan Tables - added two more. Limited space still available.
Restaurants - added a list of restaurants that have agreed to offer Chicon members a discount of some sort.
Membership List - updated list as of 06-Aug-2000.
Anime - the first day's worth of anime programs have been posted.
Volunteers - corrected a typo.
Hotel Vacancy Chart - updated to 03-Aug-2000.
Fan Tables - Fan Tables are full.
Staff and Committee Roster - updated Exhibits and Publications divisions.
Fan Lounge - new page, with information about the Fan lounge, incuding hours.
Volunteers - added gopher blurb.
Film Program now online. (The rest of the program schedule will follow in a week or so.)
Members Home Pages - added Bloom, Jeremy. [www]; Carey, Douglas S. and Mary Piero [www]; ; Dougherty, Peter. [www]; Heller, Rick. [www]; Michaels, Richard. [www]; Michaels, Melisa. [www]; Linderholm, Elisa. [www]; Parslow, Dennis G.. [www]; Resnick, Mike. [www]; Tiedemann, Mark W.. [www]
Tours and Trips - more info about Fermilab trip posted.
Hugo Awards - removed online ballot, since voting is over. Added first vote report.
Membership List - new list uploaded.

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