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Nancy Mildebrandt,

Masquerade Photographs

Greg Bradt, the Chicon Masquerade Photographer, has made photographs of most of the Masaqurade entrys available on the web, at his website [www].

Chicon 2000 Masquerade Awards List

Best in Show:

"Ancient Plagues" - Master Class
Costumes worn by: Pierre E. Pettinger Jr., Sandy G. Pettinger, Julie Zetterberg, Greg Sardo, John Blaker, Les Roth, Greg Abba
Costumes designed by: Pierre & Sandy Pettinger
Costumes made by: Pierre & Sandy Pettinger, Julie Zetterberg, And Sally Abba with special thanks to Mickey & Pete Pettinger

Master Class Awards

Best in Class - Master - "Ill Met By Earthlight"
Costume worn, designed & made by: Jacqueline Ward
Judges' Choice - Most Glamorous - "The Galactic Liberace"
Costume worn & made by: Zelda Gilbert
Costume designed by: Zelda Gilbert with help from Robin Pavlosky & Janet Wilson Anderson
Judges' Choice - Best Choreography - "In Space, No One Can Hear You Tap"
Costumes worn by: Kevin Roche and Belle Davis
Costumes designed & made by: Kevin Roche, Kate Morgenstern & Bridget Landry
Judges' Choice - Most Beautiful Master - "Spring Rain"
Costume worn, designed & made by: Joy Day
Honorable Mention - "Poke-Brat"
Costumes worn by: Lance Ikegawa and David Sheets
Costume designed by: Lance Ikegawa
Costume made by: Lance Ikegawa and Kathy Sanders

Journeyman Class Awards

Best in Class - Journeyman - "The Awakening"
Costumes worn by: Susan Eisenhour & Margaret Blakesley
Costumes designed & made by: Susan Eisenhour
Judges' Choice - Best Presentation - "A Klingon Quiet Night 3"
Costumes worn by: Alfred Richard & Margot Palmere
Costumes designed & made by: Alfred Richard, Margot Palmere & Steve Clelland
Judges' Choice - Of Gor - "Mother-in-Law of Gor"
Costumes worn by: Zoanne Allen, Terry Cupples, Michael Fobbs & Ju Marty
Costumes designed by: Zoanne Allen, Terry Cupples & Michael Fobbs
Costumes made by: Zoanne Allen, Terry Cupples, Blaine Drayer & Jack Cole
Judges' Choice - Most Original - "A Mother's Love"
Costumes worn by: Morgana Blackwood & Juanita Nesbitt
Costumes designed & made by: Winston Howlett, Juanita Nesbitt & David Blanding with special technical help provided by Danielle Ostach
Honorable Mention - "Samples from Sylvan Dior's Latest Fashion Collection"
Costumes worn by: Kris Honse, Ian Honse, Mike Byrne, Jeri Byrne & Denise Garner
Costumes designed & made by: Kris Honse
Honorable Mention - "Sister Medea of the Purple Prose"
Costume worn, designed & made by: Anne Davenport
Honorable Mention - "Carneval 2047"
Costumes worn & made by: Bill Ernoehazy, Gail Ernoehazy, John Bondi-Ernoehazy, Tina Beychok & Steve Bartlett
Costumes designed by: Bill Ernoehazy, Gail Ernoehazy & John Bondi-Ernoehazy

Novice Class Awards

Best in Class - Novice - "Galaxy Breast Bra"
Costumes worn by: Rachelle Hrubetz, Sallie Abba, Mandi Arthur, Diane Dunlap & Jeannette Roth
Costumes designed by: Rachelle Hrubetz
Costumes made by: Rachelle Hrubetz, Sallie Abba, Mandi Arthur, Diane Dunlap, Jeannette Roth & Sheril Harper
Judges' Choice - Most Cowrageous - "Royal Cownadian Moonted Police"
Costume worn, designed & made by: Jay Meisner
Judges' Choice - Sauciest - "A Tale of a Space Vixen"
Costume worn by: Eugenia Horne
Costume designed & made by: The Royal Society for the Advancement of Space Operetta based on Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens.
Honorable Mention - "We're Off to See the Wizard, with Toto too"
Costumes worn by: Mark Christensen, Cathleen Christensen & Caitlin Christensen
Costumes made by: Cathleen Christensen
Honorable Mention - "The Thermian Ambassador"
Costumes worn by: Sunshine Katz & Ted Begley
Costumes designed & made by: Sunshine Katz

Junior Class Awards

Best in Class - Junior - "The Magic Sea Shell"
Costume worn by: Melissa Knappenberger
Costume designed & made by: Melissa Knappenberger with a little help from her mom & dad
Judges' Choice - "Fire Lizard Fairy"
Costume worn by: Kathleen Fowler
Costume designed & made by: Heather Fowler
Judges' Choice - "3 Ways to Die"
Costumes worn, designed & compiled by: Shaina Lyn-Waitsman & Helen Hebel

Workmanship Awards

Best in Show - "Ill Met by Earthlight"
Jacqueline Ward
Best in Master Class - "Poke-brat"
Lance Ikegawa
Best in Journeyman Class - "Samples from Sylvan Dior's Latest Fashion Collection"
Kris Honse
Best in Novice Class - "Galaxy Breast Bra"
Rachelle Hrubetz, Sallie Abba, Mandi Arthur, Diane Dunlap, Jeannette Roth & Sheril Harper
Best in Junior Class - "The Magic Sea Shell"
Melissa Knappenberger, Mom & Dad

Fairmont Hotel - Imperial Ballroom, Lower Level.
Sunday, September 3, 8:30 pm to ???
Handicapped seating begins 7:30 pm. Master of Ceremonies - Greg Rihn.

The Masquerade, a WorldCon feature since DisCon 1 in 1963, is one of the top five events of any WorldCon. Costumers from literally around the world come to present their craft. Themes range from the ridiculous to the sublime, from drama to high camp. The costume may be a solo entry or a group endeavor (group costumes have become increasingly common in recent years). A costume might have been thrown together for next to nothing, like one winner at last year's NASFiC [www], "I Have No Mouse and I Must Scream", put together at the con from Harlan Ellison's freebie mouse pads; it may have cost hundreds of dollars to make and been years in construction. However the costumes were made or are presented, though, the Chicon 2000 Masquerade will be an extravaganza not to be missed.

Call to Compete #2

From Progress Report 6.

THANK YOU to all who have already expressed interest in competing in the Chicon 2000 Masquerade. It is looking like we will have a fairly good-sized show.

The most important piece of news is that the masquerade will be held on SUNDAY night in the Imperial Ballroom at the Fairmont Hotel. The Hugos (which will also be held in the Fairmont's Imperial ballroom) and the Masquerade have switched nights so that the Masquerade contestants can have the entire day Sunday for full-tech rehearsals in a completely set-up room. The masquerade green room will be located in the Gold room (a wedding was booked into the other large ballroom before all of the space Chicon booked was locked in). As a result, there will be a change in how photography will be handled. I will be writing to those photographers who have already contacted me to discuss how I intend to handle photography. Complete details will be posted on the web as they become available and will be published in the final PR.

Part 1 of the Masquerade guidelines, as well as the registration forms, have been completed and are printed following this report. They will also be posted on the Chicon 2000 web site. You can or by snail mail.

You will notice that there are two levels of registration. The first form is intended to give the basic information I need about your entry. Anyone who is even remotely considering competing should submit this form as soon as possible, even if you are not sure right now whether you will actually participate or not. The second registration form is intended to provide me with more detailed information about your entry. You can send me the Level 2 entry form as soon as you have all the information but I must receive it no later than 01-Aug-2000.

Speaking of 01-Aug-2000, this will be the primary cut-off for entering this competition, depending on how many entries I get by that time. Some slots may be held open for at the door entries, but I hope these will be new costumers who did not hear about Chicon until after the cut-off date. So, send in those entry forms.

Yours in costuming,

Nancy E. Mildebrandt
Chicon 2000 Masquerade Director

Chicon 2000 Masquerade Guidelines

The Chicon 2000 Masquerade is a costume competition for Science Fiction and Fantasy based costumes made by fans. Historical costumes with a fantasy bent either in their construction or in their presentation are also acceptable.

Skill Divisions:

Chicon 2000 will be using a skill division system so those costumers with similar experience will be competing with their peers.

Junior division:
for anyone under 13 years of age. Costumes made by the entrant and those made by adults will be judged separately.

Novice division:
for anyone who has won less than three awards in the Novice division and no awards in a higher division at a previous World Science Fiction Convention or CostumeCon.

Journeyman division:
for anyone who has won less than three awards in the Journeyman division and no awards in the Master division at a previous World Science Fiction Convention or CostumeCon.

Master division:
for anyone ineligible for the previously listed divisions. Also, anyone who makes a significant part of their living in the costuming field must compete at this level.

Any costumer may opt to compete at a higher level, but not at a lower one. For group entries, the group's most skilled member determines the division. If you are unsure in which division to enter, please confer with the Masquerade Director.

Presentation and Workmanship Judging:

Costumes will be judged separately for presentation and workmanship. The presentation panel of judges will judge the costume solely by what is seen on the stage. This would include the costume and the manner in which it is presented, with an emphasis on the costume. The workmanship judging is optional and performed up-close backstage. The whole costume or specific pieces may be submitted for workmanship judging for a multitude of construction techniques not limited to sewing. Workmanship for groups will be based on the individual skill level of each maker.

Awards will be given out within the skill divisions and all costumes competing are eligible to win the Best in Show award.


A further division for judging purposes is into Original and/or Recreation. An Original costume is designed from the costumer's imagination. A Recreation costume is based on an existing visual source such as a movie, television show, painting or book cover. It is highly recommended that Recreation entries bring photographic documentation of the original costume their entry is based on, as the judges may not be familiar with the source of your costume. Recreation costume entry's designer should be the original designer or artist.

If you have any questions about which area to compete in, or feel you may fall into both areas, please write to the Masquerade Director.

Costume Eligibility:

Any costume that has been entered and won a major award (Best in Show or Best in Class) at a previous Worldcon or CostumeCon is not eligible to compete unless significant changes have been made. (If this applies to your entry, please contact the Masquerade Director to discuss the situation.)

Mundane store purchased clothing with no additions or alterations will not be allowed to compete. Also, purchased costumes that have not been altered will not be allowed to compete. Costumes made by someone other than the entrant must list the actual maker. Again, if you have any questions, please contact the Masquerade Director.

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