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What kind of help do you need? Here are some broad categories. If they don't get you started in a useful direction, send us E-mail.

"Where is information on such-and-such?"

Our Table of Contents is the first place to look for something. If it's on our web page, you should be able to find it listed there.

If it doesn't jump out at you, you might try our Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you didn't find it, but you think it's on here somewhere, try our Keyword Search page.

If there's nothing listed, check the Staff and Committee Roster to see if it's a department that's been staffed. Departments are assigned at various points during the years before the convention happens; if nobody's running that department yet, that's probably why we don't have anything to say about it.

If the department has been staffed, you could write to the department head via e-mail and pose your question.

If you just want to hang tight until we announce something about that department, sign up for the Infobot News and we'll keep you informed of everything.

"Please send me information about..."

If the information isn't already on the web site, your best course of action is to sign up for the Infobot news mailing list. Whenever we add stuff to the web page, we'll let you know. And then you just sit back and wait for it to show up.

"There's a problem with..."

"... my membership" If you know you're a member -- you paid money in 1997 or later, not counting $10 presupports -- and you're not receiving your Progress Reports in the mail, then there might be something wrong with your registration info.

First, check our on-line Membership List to see if we think you're a member.

Then, check the PR publication schedule to see if you really are behind in your publications.

See also our "Missing Members" (or "Lost Souls") list -- if you're on that list, it means your mail has been returned and we know we don't have a good address for you.

If you come to the conclusion that we don't have your correct address (or if your name's misspelled or something like that), please write to our Registration Department at

If you've paid for your membership, and our records don't show you as a member (or if your upgrade hasn't been credited), first make sure you're not jumping the gun. Look in your records to figure out when you paid; if you can find your receipt, your credit card statement, or your cancelled check, hang onto it because you'll need it. Has it been more than four weeks? It can take that long to process everything. If it's only been a week, come back later please!

If you're convinced we've got it wrong -- you've checked our online database, and so forth -- photocopy your receipt, your cancelled check, or whatever you have that shows when you paid, and mail it to our general address along with a note explaining what needs to be fixed.

"... the web page"

On the other hand, if there's a problem with the web page -- if we have broken links, or some bad HTML -- then you should e-mail the

If the problem is one of accuracy -- if we have someone's name misspelled, mispunctuated, or miscapitalized, or some other error of fact, whether minor or major -- you should probably send it to our Publications Department (and CC: the webmaster) to make sure our other records and publications are corrected.

E-mail help

For convention information by e-mail, or if you don't find what you want here, write to our E-mail Infobot at If you don't have web access, you'll still be able to access everything via e-mail, by sending special "send such-and-such-file" messages to the Infobot.

If you've checked what we have to say about a particular department, and need to write to a department head or to a particular person, consult our E-mail Directory.

If you've tried the Infobot or the web page, and you've tried writing to the appropriate person, and have allowed enough time (some people only check their e-mail once a week, even when they're working on a convention), and you've already checked the Frequently Asked Questions, you can write to the "Help Desk" and reach a human being at Questions that turn up a lot will be turned over to the FAQ list, so it's important to chck that first.

And for comments on the web site itself, write to

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