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Missing Members

Rev. 18-Aug-2000
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If you know of a current address for any of these, please contact us at, or write to us:

Chicon 2000 Registration
P. O. Box 642057
Chicago IL 60664

A3258; Allen-Ayres; Wendy; Chicago; IL; USA; 10/31/1999
A3500; Anderson; Patricia; North Strathfield; NSW; Australia; 05/05/2000
S3546; Baxter; Zara; Marrickville; NSW; Australia; 08/22/2000
A3504; Boudville; Gigi; Belconnen; ACT; Australia; 08/22/2000
A2677; Bouler; Betty; Atlanta; GA; USA; 10/04/1998
S2222; Doss; Stacy; College Station; TX; USA; 05/18/1998
A5083; Klages; Ellen; Cleveland Hts.; OH; USA; 07/27/2000
A2950; Makita; Kazuhiko; Funabashi; Chiba; Japan; 04/29/2000
A4215; Schievelbein; Fay L.; Wichita; KS; USA; 07/18/2000
S1535; Shafer; Bart; Rolling Meadows; IL; USA; 05/31/1998
A5220; Stanton; Mary; Palmyra; NY; USA; 07/31/2000
S1978; Von Orlow; Guest of Annine Melanie; Berlin; ; Germany; 04/29/2000

Lost Members

Unfortunately, between the bid and the convention, some things go wrong. We have been notified that the following members have passed away. We still have a convention to run, so we must post these names here until we receive final instructions on what to do with the memberships.

If you know who stands as executor over these estates, and can have them contact us regarding the membership, we would be very thankful.

S2600; Laskowski; George; Bloomfield Hills; MI; USA; 05/23/2000
S0739; Laskowski; George; Troy; MI; USA; 07/13/2000

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