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Rev. 18-Aug-2000
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Randy Kaempen,

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Chicon 2000 Pre-Registration Ended 15-Aug-2000

Membership Rates

The price of an attending membership in Chicon 2000 is $195.00. This is the at the door rate. Day rates are below

Registration FAQ

When can I register or pick up my badge?

Tuesday    Pre-registered only  10:00AM - 8:00PM
Wednesday  Pre-registered only   9:00AM - Noon
           All memberships       Noon   - 8:00PM
Thursday   All memberships       9:00AM - 8:00PM
Friday     All memberships       9:00AM - 8:00PM
Saturday   All memberships       9:00AM - 9:00PM
Sunday     All memberships       9:00AM - 9:00PM
Monday     All memberships       9:00AM - 1:00PM

Note: These are the projected hours and are subject to change

Where do I pick up my badge?

Regular members pick up their badges at the pre-registration desks. Guests of Honor will be given theirs. Program participants pick up their badges at the pre-registration desks and then will be instructed to go to the Green Room to pick up their program materials. Dealers will be able to pick up their badges from Larry Smith in the Dealers' Room. If dealers have helpers, they need to notify us at so that we can put their helpers badges with theirs.

Convention Registration is at the Ballroom Level of the East Tower of the Hyatt, if you get lost, ask for the convention registration desk. Do Not Pass GO without getting your registration materials.

What do I need to pick up my memberships?

You will need a photo ID. It will also be helpful to bring your copy of PR7, as that will give us your membership number. Parents can pick up badges for their children living at the same address. You can NOT pick up badges for friends.

What if I am getting a membership transferred?

If you get a membership from someone else by August 25th, the transfer can be arranged via email. We need to receive a message at a verifiable email address from the person transferring the membership, indicating you as the person to receive it. After August 25th, NO email transfers will be processed. They MUST be done at the door. At the door, we will require a letter or fax with the signature of the person transferring the membership. Printouts of email messages WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

The ability to turn in "Chicago in 2000" trading cards to convert to attending expired at the end of 1998.

To attend Chicon 2000, you must be a full attending member. The "supporting membership" gives you all publications, and voting-by-mail rights, but doesn't get you in the door.

Attending membership: $150

If you voted in site selection: you now have a supporting membership, which is worth $40. To convert from supporting to attending, pay the difference: $110.

Child 12 or under, no publications, no voting rights, no ChildCare at any time, born 01-Sep-1987 or later: $50
(This is membership class "C".)

Child 12 or under, ChildCare membership, includes voting rights, born 01-Sep-1987 or later: $150
NO at the door memberships for this category. Price will rise the same as the Attending memberships.
(This is membership class "K".)

"Child-in-tow" 8 or under, always with parent, born 01-Sep-1991 or later: no charge.

Supporting membership: $40

Please make checks payable to Chicon 2000, and send them to
Chicon 2000 Registration
P. O. Box 642057
Chicago IL 60664

At the Door Rates

As a service to Chicon 2000 members, we are announcing our at the door rates now. As you can see, they are considerably higher that the pre-registration rates. It is clearly to your advantage to register now. Please note that Childcare memberships must pre-register. Pre-registration closes on 15-Jul-2000.

Attending at door              $195
Child                          $ 50 
 (Born 01-Sep-1987 or later. No Child Care Provided)
Kid-in-Tow                     $  0
 (Born 01-Sep-1991 or later. Must be with parent. No Care Provided)
Thursday only		       $ 50
Friday only                    $ 60
Saturday only                  $ 80
Sunday only                    $ 80
Monday only                    $ 30

What You MUST Do

by Randy Kaempen,

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