Chicon 2000

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Rev. 24-Aug-2000
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Chicon 2000 Members as of 23-Aug-2000.

Membership number:
First name:
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This form allows you to check the membership list. Enter as little or as much as you'd like in each field. The terms you supply will be used to search for entries beginning with your field. (Except for membership number and date updated, which will match anywhere in the field.) For example, if you enter "Dan" it will match both "Dan" and "Danise." Entering "Dani" will match "Danise" but not "Dan." Wildcards: "D?N" will match Don, Dan, and Danise.

Members who have pages listed in Members Home Pages will automatically have their names linked to their pages by this database search.

Note: entries with a "P" membership number are presupporters who are not at this point members of the convention, i.e. they didn't vote. If you're in that category, you need to pay the full Attending rate in order to attend.

If your membership is listed with an "S", you have a Supporting membership and are eligible to vote for Hugos and such, but you'll need to pay a Conversion fee in order to attend.

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