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Rev. 22-Feb-2000
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Chicon 2000 plans to have sales tables or agents at the conventions listed below. In most cases, we will have a table in the area set aside for conventions, clubs and other fan activities. Alternatively, we will sell memberships through The Secret Empire (Bill and Gretchen Roper) or Black Rose Enterprises (Brendan and Patti Lonehawk).

16-Jun-2000 - 18-Jun-2000
DucKon 9 [www] (Arlington Heights IL)
01-Jul-2000 - 04-Jul-2000
Conolulu [www] (Honolulu HI)
28-Jul-2000 - 30-Jul-2000
RiverCon [www] (Louisville KY)

The Road Behind Us

Since the vote at LoneStarCon 2 [www] in 1997, we've had sales tables at the following conventions.
07-Nov-1997 - 09-Nov-1997
WindyCon 25 [www] (Schaumburg IL)
28-Nov-1997 - 30-Nov-1997
Loscon 24 (Burbank CA)
Chambanacon (Champaign IL)
23-Jan-1998 - 25-Jan-1998
Confusion 24 (Warren MI)
06-Feb-1998 - 08-Feb-1998
Capricon 18 [www] (Rosemont IL)
13-Feb-1998 - 15-Feb-1998
Boskone 35 [www] (Framingham MA)
20-Mar-1998 - 22-Mar-1998
Lunacon [www] (Rye Brook NY)
10-Apr-1998 - 12-Apr-1998
Minicon 33 [www] (Bloomington MN)
Norwescon 21 [www] (Seatac WA)
01-May-1998 - 03-May-1998
Disclave [www] (College Park MD)
Marcon 33 [www] (Columbus OH)
23-May-1998 - 25-May-1998
WisCon 22 [www] (Madison, WI)
12-Jun-1998 - 14-Jun-1998
DucKon 7 [www] (Rosemont IL)
26-Jun-1998 - 28-Jun-1998
Midwestcon 49 (Cincinnati OH)
03-Jul-1998 - 05-Jul-1998
Westercon 51 [www] (San Diego CA)
InConJunction 18 [www] (Indianapolis IN)
31-Jul-1998 - 02-Aug-1998
RiverCon [www] (Louisville KY)
05-Aug-1998 - 09-Aug-1998
Bucconeer [www] (Baltimore MD)
13-Nov-1998 - 15-Nov-1998
Windycon 26 [www] (Schaumburg IL)
27-Nov-1998 - 29-Nov-1998
Loscon 25 (Burbank CA)
Chambanacon (Champaign IL)
12-Feb-1999 - 14-Feb-1998
Boskone 36 [www] (Framingham MA)
Capricon 19 [www] (Chicago IL)
05-Mar-1999 - 07-Mar-1999
Lunacon [www] (Rye Brook NY)
02-Sep-1999 - 06-Sep-1999
Aussiecon 3 [www] (Melbourne, Australia)
12-Nov-1999 - 14-Nov-1999
Windycon 26 [www] (Schaumburg IL)
26-Nov-1999 - 28-Nov-1999
Loscon 26 [www](Burbank CA)
27-Jan-2000 - 30-Jan-2000
Capricon 20 [www] (Arlin gton Heights IL)
18-Feb-2000 - 20-Feb-2000
Boskone 37 [www] (Frami ngham MA)
24-Mar-2000 - 26-Mar-2000
Lunacon 2000 [www] (Rye Brook NY)
20-Apr-2000 - 23-Apr-2000
Norwescon 23 [www] ( Seatac WA)

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