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A child must be 12 or under at the beginning of Chicon (i.e. born 01-Sep-1987 or later) to qualify for the first three child categories:

K: ChildCare membership for full time ChildCare is currently $150, and will advance in line with the Attending membership price. When the child is registered, it must be specifically noted that this is a ChildCare membership, prior to June 2000. There will be NO at the door memberships for this category. It does include voting rights.

C: Child membership is a flat fee of $50 with no rights to voting or baby-sitting. This entitles the child to attend programming, including children's programming. (We would prefer that they not wander about unescorted.) This membership can be upgraded to attending, OR to ChildCare for the difference between $50 and the amount in effect at that time and pre-registered by at least June, 2000.

A: The child could also buy a full attending (adult) membership with full voting rights and access to programming. The price is the current adult attending price, subject to the same escalating rate. This membership can be purchased at the door, with the at-the-door prices. This does not include ChildCare at any time.

T: Children 8 and under may be a Kid-in-Tow for free but must be registered with the responsible adult's name and hotel on the back of the badge, and must be kept in the presence of a responsible adult at all times.

You should also note the Things You Must Do.

Hourly Childcare

A limited amount of hourly childcare will be available for $10/hour. The hourly childcare will be limited by the number of providers we have at the time. Once we reach the maximum number of children they can handle, hourly childcare will close. Chits for hourly childcare will be available at registration.

Childcare Hours

Childcare is scheduled to be open:
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