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The Chicon 2000 Infobot News (CHICON-NEWS) is a one-way broadcast mailing list that you can join. About once a week (monthly or less often while the convention is still a year or more away) you'll receive a digest-style message with all of the latest convention information. It's like getting your Progress Reports via e-mail, only better, because almost everything that goes on the web page will be sent to the list. And we promise not to give your e-mail address out; you won't get anything but the Infobot News in response to signing up here.

E-mail address:

After you sign up: you'll receive a confirmation message within a few days. You must reply "OK" to that e-mail in order to start receiving CHICON-NEWS, otherwise we'll drop your subscription request. This should guard against getting accidentally signed up because of someone else's typo. And if you don't receive the confirmation message, it means you entered a typo - so come back and try again if nothing's shown up in a day or so.

On the other hand, if you've received the confirmation message, you can either use the web address that we'll send you in the message, or just enter your e-mail address, a space, and the confirmation number in the space above.

We have all editions of the Chicon 2000 Infobot News on file.

Keep Your E-mail Address Current

Every time an installment of the Infobot News goes out, we get some bounces. This is a list of e-mail userids (the part before the @ sign) that have bounced. If you're on this list, and you haven't resubscribed with your new e-mail address, then you need to do so in order to receive the Infobot News.

95121 a-micde A.S.MADGE.95 abelm abouchard adamsmith agibson992 ai896 aj361 akeefe Alice_Swanberg ann_marie.horcher ashpool AxelFerd ayfinian backward7 bard bbibo bcahill bemjmo bg1407 bill billerno Blanetalk bngyurmine bnhansen bonnie bpayne bphipps Broken1027 bruce.hussey CarolineRi catwomin1 CatzNap cbrooks charis chris cindy619 cjamesyancey clydesdale cmkobe CNut4Hire corvaire cspatgen CurtisNeal d.miller14 daledrr dave.oneal David.Collins dbartz DCreek Dell_Stinnett Denise.M.Peterson DerekMOllom dianefreeman Diane_Miller digusto Dineau dkblanken dknslp dmak dpet3040 dphares Dragondud dredzena drkknght droplonder dtr9565 dupa Earcat egreene ELBenson eliseo elizabeth.lindsay elneely EMLYMOM Emlymom2 eriko erzielin EZUZ37B Faerylake fcleaver Finian5 foley.beatrice freespirit gbenner GilPas55 goldenhairedgirl gorg harms heather_peterson hmorris illfeldr Ingeborg.Glass irishpr jack.heneghan Jack.McGillis jajames jatho jdeboard jdray Jeff.Nisenoff Jennison JeremiasD Jim jlesinger jmkelso Joanies1 johnsonca joe.lorri jonjen jopeshek jps jsadoul jsaxe jseay jssmyth jsteiner jstuntz jtwm Juliahani karen1549 kat KateLeeper katiekins2 kaufman kbartnik kcharland kelane kimber kingrat Kittyblu krenon ktdh42b kythomas Laffnbear lincoln Lira LJean111 lmichelle lost2ny lynnstran m.farr Maija_Steele majozone mak manders2 MarieBS mariewis marktime marrysome1 maverick MCGRATHD MDSDMB mdugan mican michael.kaufman MichaelNel michele_hess michelego Mike.VandeBunt mike_kennedy mmack mufjr1 MugsAunt MythTrader nasti nehwin nowhere orkus Paetunya paganthomas paguirre patsywi paulstevens Peachyone pegasus Peter-Jarvis phoeber pimmel pingram PlkyDuckie poohryou PROSPERO pshrynk Purrgriff raa raven42 rcheetham redstate rena.leith rg1105ln riffraff rikkiv RKFM44A rleith rogersk rokuza rshoeguy s832846 safron sandyc scudder seabrook senguy SFIMAGERY sfunk shadowsidhe sieglinde Silaspak sillypagan sirbob4 snaggle001 socrates SPIZIKS spiziks st2272 steller StevRitt stoney STorpey stoy susan.braviak sweeneyt swimmer sziplow tadunham tallison TARGETEINC tetsuo tferg thraxman tiger99 tkhula tlls tmaravola trimba trplplay tseabroo ttdoerin tucker34 twarden twilight Uqob veselinovaz vincam vsngetorix vtla v_spencer vvitka1 weblady41 whiterose_y Whusa wraith wyldkard99

Fun Fact: as of 05-Feb-2000, 42% of our members are subscribed to the Chicon 2000 Infobot News.

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