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kT FitzSimmons,

From Progress Report 6

In previous PRs we have promised you dances to remember. Well, we are definitely going to deliver on that promise. From the Big Band sound of years gone by to the hottest dance craze, you won't be disappointed. So bring your dancing shoes and foot massager, because your feet are definitely going to be tired from all these dances:

Thank God It's Friday!

9:30 PM, Friday, 01-Sep-2000, Grand Ballroom ABCD, Hyatt East Tower, Ballroom Level

Polish up those mood rings, press those wide, wide lapels and bring your pet rock to the fun! Platform shoes, Afros, and leisure suits are back! Do you have Dance Fever? Is your polyester crying to be let out of the closet? Then come to Chicon's Friday Night Fever Disco Dance. Smiley faces and paper flowers abound while we listen to the great sounds of the 70s. Listen to Donna Summer, Kool and the Gang, The Village People and many, many more. Dance to the disco rhythm under the spinning mirror balls! We'll set your night on fire and give you cause to celebrate!

Our DJ, Shawn Crosby [www], is a founding member of the Enigma Players, a guerilla improv comedy group performing at West Coast conventions and other events since 1994. In addition to his career designing props, toys, video games and web pages, he has been known to run dance events with the help of his trusty PC and its library of 3500 songs from the past century.

Don't forget, prizes for the Best and Worst 70's outfits and Best Dance Routine. Bring your dancing togs along and show us your best John Travolta or Denny Terrio moves! Prizes will be awarded at midnight.

Swinging Saturday!

9:00 PM, Saturday, 02-Sep-2000, Grand ABCD, Hyatt East Tower

On Saturday, get your saddle shoes and circle skirts out, because we are going to Swing! Dance to the swinging Big Band sounds of The Music Makers, a live, 18 piece band with vocalist Mary Hay! To make sure you can really enjoy the experience, swing dance lessons will be available prior to the start of the dance.

Saturday Afternoon Regency Dance

2:00 PM, Saturday, 02-Sep-2000, Gold Room, Fairmont Hotel

On Saturday afternoon, Chicon will host the traditional Regency dance. Come and enjoy the more refined dances of the early nineteenth century. Formal and genteel, the Regency Dance is a Worldcon tradition you must experience.

Mexican Dance

9:30 PM, Sunday, 03-Sep-2000, Grand ABCD, Hyatt East Tower

If you're into Hispanic folk music or salsa dancing, join us at the Mexican Dance. Our band will be Chicago's premier Mexican folk music group, the Sones de Mexico Ensemble [www]. They've been together since 1994, and specialize in son, a rich and lively Mexican music tradition. Over twenty-five folk string, percussion, and wind instruments are featured by this versatile quintet, which also offers intricate four-part vocal arrangements and acrobatic dance demonstrations. The group recreates the atmosphere of a traditional fandango (dance fiesta), where the most colorful, joyous, and upbeat sones are played and danced until sunrise. The group's cross-cultural view of music links son to the diverse ethnic roots of Mexico's mestizo culture: Native American, Spanish, and the often overlooked African influences in Mexican music.

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