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Regency Dance

Rev. 20-Aug-2000
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Saturday Afternoon Regency Dance

On Saturday afternoon, Chicon will host the traditional Regency dance. Come and enjoy the more refined dances of the early nineteenth century. Formal and genteel, the Regency Dance is a Worldcon tradition you must experience.

2:00 PM, Saturday, 02-Sep-2000, Gold Room, Fairmont Hotel

Regency dancing dates back to 1800 England when English Regency aristocrats were at their height of control in England. Ballroom dances of the English Regency have been a feature of science-fiction conventions for decades. At Chicon 2000 we'll have Regency dancing on Saturday afternoon. Come in costume or come as you are. If you don't know how to dance, we'll teach you.

A regent is a person who rules a monarchy while the monarch is alive but unable to rule, such as by youth, illness, or absence. England has had only one in modern times, the eldest son of George III, who was "First Gentleman of Europe", then Prince Regent, then George IV. His era was a colorful time, the day of Beau Brummell and Napoleon. The Regency writer Jane Austen is one of the great names in literature. Many of us were first infected by the 20th Century writer Georgette Heyer, who made a high art of the Regency romance novel. The sense of humor in this period seems to appeal to the fannish whimsy.

Fuzzy Pink Niven and Mary Jane Jewell turned John Hertz, the Regency Dance instructor and coordinator, onto this classical dance style. He started teaching Regency dancing at cons, and by the 1980s, over 500 fans asked for their own dance venue at a Worldcon. John has been running the dance every since. John recommends costumes to add to the enjoyment of this event but they aren't necessary. To prepare for this experience in period dancing, John recommends reading a few Georgette Heyer novels to help set the proper mood.

Do join us, especially if you're at least reasonably frivolous.

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