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Rev. 21-Aug-2000
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Lary Smith,

Dealer's Room Hours

Thursday - Sunday       11AM to 6PM
Monday                  11AM to 3PM

List of Dealers

Aboriginal Science Fiction. Magazines and books.
AetherCo. Games and comics.
AngelWear Creations. Jewelry.
Another Grungy Hole-in-Wall Books. Books, used.
Art Vaughan Used Books. Books, used.
Art by Susan Van Camp. Art, own.
Art by Taral. Art, own.
Austin Leather Works. Clothing, custom leather.
Bereshith Publishing. Books, own imprint.
Black Rose Enterprises. Books, new.
Bridge Publications, Inc. Books, own imprint.
Caldwell Prints. Art, own.
Calligraphic Buttons. Buttons.
Chimera Publishing. Art, prints.
Cloak and Dagger. Clothing, costume and [weapons]. (Weapons are for display only, not for sale.)
Cold Tonnage Books. Books, British, new and used.
Colleen Doran Studios. Books and art.
Combs Press. Magazines.
Coulson Publications. Music, filk and books.
Crystal Dreams. Jewelry.
Curious Book Shop. Books, rare.
DAG Productions. Music, filk.
DNA Publications - Absolute Magazine. Magazines and books.
Darlene P. Coltrain. Jewelry and cards.
Davis Books. Books and comics.
Dawn Treader Book Shop. Books, rare.
Dell Magazines. Magazines.
Dodeka Records/Secret Empire. Music, filk.
Donald M. Grant, Publisher. Books, own imprint.
Dragon Never Sleeps, The. Books, new and used.
Dragon's Lair, The. Clothing and art.
DreamHaven Books. Books, new and used.
Erin McKee. Art, own.
Eye-Deas. Art, own.
FanTaminals. Art, dragon puzzles.
Fannish Enterprises. Buttons.
Fantasies I Saw. Jewelry and puzzles.
Fantastic Voyages. Books, rare.
Fantasy Connection, The. Books, used.
Fleischmann's Books. Books, rare.
Flying Coyote. Books and boxes.
Fo'Paws Productions. Clothing and puppets.
Frank Dietz. Books, used.
GWB Imports. Jewelry.
GSB dba Dragon's Hoard. Stuffies and books.
Gaa Books. Books, rare.
Gilley's Books. Comics.
Henderson's Books. Books, rare.
Honeck Sculpture. Sculpture, bronze.
Imagine That...Galleries. Jewelry and art.
Irv's Books. Books, new and used.
Isher Artifacts. Toys and art.
J and J Books. Books, rare.
Jabberwocky Graphix. Art, own.
Jerry Ohlinger's Movie Material. Media and jewelry.
Joseph T. Berlant. Books, rare.
Kadon Enterprises, Inc. Games.
Kathmandu Books. Books, rare.
Kelly Freas Studios. Art, own.
Klon's Interplanetary Books. Books, rare.
Kyril's Cavern. Stuffies.
La Paloma. High Quality Hatwear.
Lampwork Glass. Art, glass.
Larry Smith, Bookseller. Books, new.
Larry's Book Store. Media and comics.
Leopard's Leap. Clothing, masks.
Locus Publications. Magazines.
M. Bouchard, Ltd. Jewelry.
Maija's Mementos. Jewelry.
Manga Entertainment. Anime.
Meisha Merlin Publishing, Inc. Books, own and other.
Merchant and Maiden. Clothing.
NESFA Press. Books, own and other. Clothing and media.
OffWorld Designs. Art and clothing.
Old Earth Books. Books, rare and own.
Pandora's Box. Misc dragons.
Pegasus Publishing. Clothing and music.
RavenWing Wearable Art. Jewelry and buttons.
Realms of Fantasy Books. Books, new and used.
Ron Larson, Bookseller. Books, used. Books, rare.
Sandra Santara/Windwolf Studio. Art and clothing.
Science Fiction Chronicle. Magazines.
Sign of the Unicorn. Jewelry.
SoftWear, Toys and Tees. Clothing and puppets.
Space Debris, Inc.. Media, autographs.
StarBase Atlanta, Inc. Media and clothing.
Stars Our Destination, The. Books, new.
Tachyon Publications. Books, own imprint.
Tales From the White Hart. Music, filk.
Tall Stories. Books, used.
Terra Incognita. Hairsticks and kaleidoscopes.
Tesseract Books. Books, Canadian.
TigerEyes Press. Books, rare and own.
Tri-Tac Systems. Games.
Undiscovered Treasures. Jewelry.
Wearable Starscapes. Clothing, painted.
Willow Jewelry. Jewelry.
Wizard's Wagon, The. Clothing and media.

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