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Dealer's Room Hours

Thursday - Sunday 	11AM to 6PM
Monday			11AM to 3PM

The Dealers Room is sold out.

In the unlikely event that changes, we'll let you know.

The Deathly Silence from the Dealers' Room and Art Show

(information from Progress Report 6)
Bill Roper ,

No, your local post office hasn't eaten your mailing -- at least, yet! In fact, with any reasonable luck, you'll be seeing Dealers' Room acceptance letters and Art Show rules before you receive this Progress Report. But, given the unreasonableness of our luck so far, let me explain the delay.

The Dealers' Room and Art Show are located in the soon-to-be-renamed Wacker Hall. Subsequent to our signing our hotel contract with the Hyatt, the hotel signed a contract giving a particular contractor exclusive rights as the decorator for Wacker Hall.

"Ok," you say. "That's no problem. We don't need decorations. We need tables, and chairs, and hangings for the Art Show."

Unfortunately, tables and chairs are what the decorator supplies. And this particular decorator has some interesting ideas about pricing. We're in the process of negotiations to get the prices down to what we consider a more reasonable level, because we don't think that it's reasonable for us to pass along to our dealers and artists the sort of pricing that we've seen so far. We have some ideas and the Hyatt is working with us, so we anticipate that we'll be able to keep prices to you in line with recent domestic Worldcons.

But until we know what our final costs are going to be, we just aren't able to set our prices, and until we set our prices, we can't send out the mailings that tell you what they are.

We apologize for the delay and hope that -- by the time that you're reading this -- the problems have been solved. But, in any case, we think you deserve an honest explanation of the problem. Thanks for your patience.

Larry Smith,

Dealers' Room Update

(from Progress Report 4)

At this time, we have more requests for tables than will be available in the Chicon 2000 Dealers' Room and are not accepting any more requests. A committee will be reviewing the applications later this summer and determining who will be assigned tables (and how many) and who will be placed on the waiting list. We'll be contacting everyone who sent in a request with their status and final table rates early this fall.

We Will Have a Dealer's Room!

We expect to have the usual wide variety of goodies available to please your tastes. It's much too early for most of the details to have jelled, but the dealers will occupy much the same space as they did at the last two Chicago WorldCons. Those of you who wish to know more about reserving space, please read on.

Site: Some portion of Wacker Hall (the same space used at Chicon 4 and Chicon 5).

Size: Until a new set of drawings are completed and some questions about access are resolved, the room will contain 200 to 225 tables and no (zero) booths. Each table will be 8 by 2.5 feet (96 by 30 inches) and will come with two (2) chairs.

Applications: Applications will be mailed to all those who send in a request for information and will be available from me at Bucconeer [www] and during the fall convention season. The application form will include instructions for calculating the amount you need to pay. Completed applications must be accompanied by a check made payable to "Chicon 2000" and must be mailed to:

Larry Smith
Chicon 2000 Dealers' Room Manager
3824 Patricia Drive
Upper Arlington OH 43220-4913

Do not send mail that must be signed for! Applications will not be accepted during Bucconeer -- I will be far too busy there to remember what I did with them.

Jury: Due to the anticipated size of the room and the expected interest, senior management of Chicon 2000 will jury the room. I suspect I will have far more than enough applications to fill 200 tables by the end of 1998; a limited waiting list will then be established.

Limits: If you request more than three (3) tables, you must explain how you intend to use the space. Please understand that we can grant very few dealers four or five tables, so plan accordingly.

Notice: I won't have time to keep track of all of you dealers. If you move, you are responsible for telling me in a timely manner. Unless the USPS returns your mail to me within a month, I assume you got it. Keep your own copies of all Chicon correspondence. If you need an acknowledgement that I got your application, send along an SASE. The more complete your forms are, the quicker we will be able to consider you for inclusion in the room. Since I need 'footprints' of all transactions in the Dealers' Room, only US mail contacts count: e-mail and phone are nice and quick, but neither of them leave an audit trail to prove they existed.

Memberships: Memberships are never included in the final price of a table, but will be required of all dealers and of each member of their staffs. See our Registration page, or contact the Chicon 2000 PO Box directly for membership info and rates and remember -- they only get more costly later!

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