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>Rev. 24-Aug-2000

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Alice Medenwald,

Hold on to your seats: Dramatic and Musical Presentations

Are you ready for some fantastic Dramatic and Musical Presentations at Chicon 2000? I hope so because we have some great stuff, so be prepared to make some difficult decisions about what to do between programming, parties, dances, eating, sleeping (well maybe) and the traditional events that all Worldcons have.

The Martian Chronicles

First, we are proud to offer you a full-length stage production of Ray Bradbury's own adaptation of his classic work, "The Martian Chronicles," performed by Moebius Theatre. For those who may not have heard of Moebius (those who have been on another planet or in another dimension), Moebius Theatre has been creating science fiction for live performance for 23 years. Moebius Theatre has appeared at previous Chicons and numerous Windycons. While at Chicon 2000 look around for more from Moebius; there is no telling where you might find them.


"Faith" is an Opera in One Act written by Michael Ching and based on the same-titled story by James Patrick Kelly. Mr. Kelly is a frequent contributor to "Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine" and received the 1996 Hugo Award for his novelette "Think Like a Dinosaur." The opera is being presented by New York City's Vital Theatre Company, whose production last year was called "outstanding" and "ambitious" (the New York Theatre Experience). The story centers on a 35 year old recently-divorced woman, who meets a man through a personals ad and starts to fall for him, only to discover that he can communicate with plant life. It's fun and light and never before have you seen an operatic tribute to the dreadful fun of Ed Wood's "Plan 9 From Outer Space."

The WorldCon is Not Enough (over a decade of decadence)

For over a decade, The Trans-Iowa Canal Company - West has been terrorizing attendees of Midwestern conventions.

And now, Chicago is about to be inundated by this theatrical troupe from the other side. Combining some of their best sketches from the past decade (and beyond) with new material written especially for Chicon, TICC smashes its way into your consciousness. Those surviving this onslaught, may find much of this material humorous.

So buckle up. Please stay in your seat while the car is in motion. Should you need them, sickness bags may be found in the pocket of the seat in front of you. The ride is ready to begin. And you're about to learn why, The WorldCon is Not Enough!

Don't Quit Your Day Job Players

We are also excited to announce that the Don't Quit Your Day Job Players [www] will be with us. This 6 member band is quickly becoming the hottest new cult-favorite rock-folk-blues-country fusion band in America. They have performed all over the country and their second CD, Blues Spoken Here, was released last summer to critical acclaim. I personally look forward to hearing them.

Journey to the Center of Your Mind-Hypnosis 2000.

If you are looking for something a little different, we have Lee Darrow, a hypnotist who will present a Journey to the Center of Your Mind-Hypnosis 2000. This one-hour show features audience participation in a brand new presentation of hypnosis for entertainment. Lee puts his volunteers into a wonderfully relaxed state and helps them explore and play with their imaginations. Lee has appeared for Sandals Resorts, Discover Card, Amoco Oil, United Insurance of America, Ameritech and numerous colleges and universities across the country. Come see his unique brand of hypnosis - based not on embarassment, but on improvisational theater. Remember to bring your imagination and be ready to sleep for Lee.

Camelot 5

For those who really like audience participation we are pleased to have an original Murder Mystery Theatre production written by the team of Lilienkamp & Smith. It's called Camelot 5 and it's a mix between Camelot and Babylon 5. It's pure schtick and great fun. So bring your imagination and get ready to immerse yourself in one of many exciting characters just waiting to be brought to life.

So whether you like to sit, watch, and listen or be used as a guinea pig (maybe a poor choice of words) or are a closet actor waiting for that big break, we have something for you!

Nothing But Garbage - CANCELLED

The performance of the children's musical "Nothing But Garbage" has been cancelled (Saturday, 10:00 Crystal room, Fairmont) due to the sudden death of the director. Suzanne had a mild heart condition. During her sleep she developed an aneurysm and died. The sadness of this event is compounded by the fact she was 9 months pregnant. The baby died as well. The following eulogy was written by one of her students.

In Memory of Suzanne E. Hannon

For all the loved ones of Suzanne we will always remember the great things she taught us all. For the people who never knew Suzanne, I'm sorry but you missed out on great times and great laughs.

Suzanne had a different personality than most people, she could say something we all didn't want to hear, but when she said it, she would change the way she said it, and it would be funny.

I will always remember the days when someone walked in with a frown on their face, and Suzanne made sure that before they left that day, that they had a smile on their face.

Suzanne was a great person, who taught us great things, made great smiles, and someone who always had a place in there heart for everyone. Let's all take time to remember what a wonderful person Suzanne E. Hannon was.

Helen H. Hebel

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