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Rev. 23-Aug-2000
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Michael Nelson,

Chicon 2000 Hugo Ceremony

The Chicon 2000 Hugo Ceremony will take place on the Saturday evening of Chicon at 8:00 p.m. in the Fairmont Hotel's Imperial Ballroom, on the lower level of the hotel. The Fairmont is directly south of the Hyatt Regency, across a narrow street with little traffic. We'll even have a human chain of gophers pointing the way.

The Hugo and Campbell Award winners will be published in a special edition of the Chicon 2000 Daily Newsletter and posted to our web site immediately after the ceremony.

Hugo Ceremony Gophers

We're looking for help directing people to the Hugos on Saturday, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. It's easy duty -- you just stand in one place and when people come up to you, you point towards the next gopher down the line. Please write to Leann Runyanwood, at and tell her you saw the notice on the Hugo Web Page.

Hugo Voting has ended.

Hugo Badge Ribbons

Show your pride in helping to select this year's Hugo and Campbell Awards. At Chicon, I will have "Hugo Awards Voter" badge ribbons for everyone who participated in the Hugo and Campbell Awards nomination or voting process. Check the daily newsletter to find out how to pick up your ribbon during Chicon.

Michael Nelson,
Hugo Administrator

Hugo Ceremony Volunteers

People wishing to join Team Hugo (the folks in Chicon's Events Division running the Hugo Ceremony) should submit a Chicon 2000 volunteer form. Select "Hugo Award Ceremony" under areas of interest.

2000 Hugo Award Nominees and Ballots

The list of the 2000 Hugo Award nominees is now online.

Hugo voting ended 31-Jul-2000. Ballots, for the curious, are still posted on our Forms and PDF Page.

The final ballot count was 1,101 — 475 of the ballots were submitted electronically. Thirty ballots were eliminated because they were not signed, were submitted after the deadline, or because the voter did not have a valid Chicon 2000 membership.

Hugo Awards Update

Michael Nelson, Hugo Administrator, 21-Aug-2000.

The ballot counting has been completed and the engraved brass plates for the awards have been ordered. I've been told by Team Hugo that I'm hosting the Hugo Ceremony if Harry Turtledove doesn't show up. I hope they were kidding... but I better go out and shop for a tux this weekend.

It's been a lot of fun administrating the Hugo Awards this year. I'm looking forward to attending the Hugo Awards Ceremony on September 2nd and meeting the nominees in person.

If you have any comments on the Hugo Awards system, I suggest you plan to attend this panel:

Revamping the Hugos
Thursday - 17:30 to 18:45 Room: Regency B
Participants: Leah Zeldes Smith (M), Steve Miller, Vince Docherty, Michael Nelson, Chris Barkley
Do the Hugos need to be revamped for the coming 21st century? Panelists give their opinions.
You can also send your comments to Saul Jaffe, next year's Hugo Administrator, care of the 2001 Worldcon, the Millennium Philcon, at

Alexandra Digital Literature [www] will be discontinuing their Hugo nominee story package after Chicon 2000.

See you in Chicago!

A Few Hugo Award Links

These web sites will provide many additional links to past Hugo Award winners and information on works published in 1999. Suggestions for other links to be included on this page may be sent to the Chicon Hugo Awards Administrator,

The Muppets Use Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) [www]

The Center for Voting and Democracy has an amusing demonstration of what they term Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) using the Muppets. This demo describes the same sort of voting method used for the Hugo and John W. Campbell Awards.

Past Hugo Voting Statistics [www]

George Flynn has an article on past Worldcon Hugo voting statistics.

Locus Index to Science Fiction Awards [www]

Locus Magazine has a new Index to Science Fiction Awards with some interesting Hugo nominee data.

The World Science Fiction Society [www]

The Hugo Awards are sponsored by the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS) and administered by the committee of the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) held that year.

The John W. Campbell Best New Writer Award Eligible Author Web Site [www]

The John W. Campbell Best New Writer Award Eligible Author web site is maintained by James Van Pelt [www]. The John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer is nominated and voted in the same manner and on the same ballots as the Hugo Awards. The site covers past winners, gives general background on voting procedures, and lists several dozen writers who the site author considers eligible for the Campbell Award.

Chicon 2000 must state that the listing of potential nominees at the above site are unofficial, and the final determination of eligibility rests solely with the Hugo Awards Subcommittee of Chicon 2000.

AwardWeb [www]

AwardWeb is a collection of lists of literary award winners maintained by Laurie Mann. The emphasis of this site is science fiction awards, but you'll also find other literary awards.

The Science Fiction Resource Guide [www]

The Science Fiction Resource Guide is maintained by Chaz Boston Baden, Chicon's own Webmaster.

SF-Lovers [www]

SF-Lovers has been on the Internet since 1979. Saul Jaffe, the host of SF-Lovers, is committed to providing information of interest to fans of the Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and related genres.

Locus Magazine [www]

Locus Magazine, "the newspaper of the science fiction field" since 1968, is a monthly magazine covering science fiction publishing. The publisher and editor-in-chief is Charles N. Brown.

Science Fiction Chronicle [www]

The Science Fiction Chronicle website, the online home of the Hugo Award-winning Science Fiction and Fantasy Newsmagazine published by Andrew Porter.

Hugo Gernsback's Forecast [www]

The Hugo award was named after Hugo Gernsback, publisher of the first science fiction magazine, Amazing Stories. Mr. Geinsback also published an annual Forecast booklet. First published in 1951, Forecast was sent only to friends and associates each December. The Forecast web site has information on Hugo Geinsback and copies of his Forecast.

Hugo Recommendations

New England Science Fiction Association (NESFA) 2000 Hugo Awards Recommendations. [www]

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