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Beryl Turner,

Gaming Headquarters and two computer game rooms will be in the Swissotel, on the 2nd floor. The rest of Gaming will be on the 3rd and 4th floors.

Q. "Where do I go to get a gaming schedule?"

A.1. Registration. We're going to try to have them in the reg packets.
A.2. Information
A.3. Gaming HQ - 2nd Floor - Swissotel

Q. "Where and how do I sign up to play a specific game at a specific time?"

A.1. Gaming HQ - 2nd Floor Swissotel
A.2. Outside the specific room where the game will be.

Q. "If I get there and want to find three other people that play double deck Pinochle/Mad Cow Poker/D&D/Magic - how would I arrange it?"

A. There will be "WannaGame?" boards up at the Swiss. Anyone wanting to arrange a "pick up game" will be able to post it there with room, time and day info.

This year, our gaming staff is going to try their very best to give you a sampling of some of the staples as well as a healthy helping of the new and different things that have come about in gaming recently. More importantly, our goal this year is to show that gaming, above all else, is also Science Fiction and Fantasy and the worlds in which we game are as deserving of credit and note as the universes created by the masters of the literary world. With that in mind, we are going to attempt to demonstrate this when and where ever we can during this, the Terminal Millennial World Science Fiction Convention. So, come and you can either play what we have to offer or bring your own games - we'll play them too. And remember, if you aren't having fun, re-read the rules, as you must be missing something!

Gaming Highlights

Extinction Event 2000, presented by Chicon 2000 and CGC Beta, hosted by Dark Camelot. This is a Doctor Who/World of Darkness crossover LARP. Part one of this maxi-level event will begin on Friday Night and will end Monday in the wee hours of the morning. Bring your imagination and your wits to this one. Details will be available at Gaming HQ at the Swissotel. If a Malkavian found a Dalek whose gun couldn't shoot anymore, what would you ask it? Time Lords and Kindred welcome.

Morrow Project RPG Tournament -- The future isn't what you expected... This is a multi-round RPG event spanning the duration of the convention. The players take the roles of specialists chosen to be preserved in cryogenic suspension in case of a nuclear war. Of course, something went wrong (As always...) and the players sleep for more than 150 years and awaken to a new world. This will be a multi-round event spanning the duration of the convention. See gaming guide for details and event times. Winners will play in a final round event. The Morrow Project... even in the future, some days, you just wish that you could just stay in bed...

"Big-as-all-heck-Talisman Tournament" presented by CGC Beta and Chicon 2000. Everyone's favorite fantasy game of backstabbing, deviousness, and underhanded dealings. This is a five round tournament spanning the duration of the convention, starting on Friday. The first four rounds will play with the basic and dungeon boards with the first and second place winners advancing to the final. The final eight will play with all of the expansion boards, including the Timescape board and the Dragon King expansion. See gaming guide for times.

BattleTech Large-Unit Action -- This is a multi-player BattleTech event, pitting Clan units vs Inner Sphere forces. Each player can command up to one Lance/Star of forces and each player will have a specific objective to complete to help acheive victory. The side with the highest total victory points will win. We will have a gigantic terrain table and if you don't have 'Mechs of your own, see what we have available. This event will run starting Saturday evening and run through the night. See gaming guide for time and exact room.

Chicago Millenial BattleTech Open tournament presented by Chicon 2000 and the Chicagoland Gamer's CONclave. This is a BattleTech Open tournament. We will be using standard FASA/MechForce rules for this event. This is a MechForce sanctioned event but anyone will be allowed to participate (MechForce members may count the event for points, not ranking).

MurderThon 2000. We will be hosting a MurderThon event through the duration of the con. Players will be judged on number of kills, collateral victims, creative style and an award will be given for the most innovative kill in the game. Rules will be available at game time. If wholesale slaughter is your bent, then this is the game for you.

If you are just showing up and wish to either run a game, play in one or just start a pickup game, make sure you stop and check our "WannaGame" board. These boards will be up around the Swiss˘tel and at Gaming HQ. Just list the game you wish to run or check and see if someone is running a game you would like to play. Open gaming will be available from Con start to Con end and there will be rooms open 24 hours for open events.

Wanted: Game Masters or people willing to monitor gaming events during the convention.

Due to an unforseen situation, Chicon's Gaming Track is in need of a few extra GMs to help round out the gaming schedule.

In particular, we are looking for board game monitiors, familiar with many of the current games out (The Settlers series, etc...) as well as the classics (Talisman, Merchants of Venus, etc....).

Also we need people willing to GM RPG events. We want a large variety of RPGs available, so the more you know, the better...however, if you only know one game very well, that's fine too.

We are more than willing to work around your convention schedule, so don't let that worry you. Let us know what you are willing to do and we'll set it up.

If you are interested in lending a hand, contact us at and let us know.

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