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Michael Nelson,

Hugo Nominated Short Fiction Available in Electronic Format

Alexandria Digital Literature has contacted the Hugo nominated short story, novelette, and novella authors to obtain publication rights to their stories. Eleven of these stories are now available in various electronic formats at [www]

2000 Hugo Awards and John W. Campbell Award Nomination List

Best Novel (334 nominations for 183 novels) Best Novella (191 nominations for 58 novellas) Best Novelette (168 nominations for 130 novelettes, six nominees due to a tie) Best Short Story (189 nominations for 158 short stories) Best Related Book (167 nominations for 74 related books) Best Dramatic Presentation (304 nominations for 106 dramatic presentations) Best Professional Editor (203 nominations for 66 editors) Best Professional Artist (196 nominations for 103 artists) Best Semiprozine (168 nominations for 38 semiprozines) Best Fanzine (195 nominations for 94 fanzines) Best Fan Writer (191 nominations for 147 fan writers) Best Fan Artist (164 nominations for 101 fan artists) John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer (110 nominations for 72 writers)

An award for the best new writer whose first work of science fiction or fantasy appeared during 1998 or 1999 in a professional publication. Sponsored by Dell Magazines.

Note on the web addresses listed: We've eliminated the usual "[www]" from this page, to make reading it easier. Where possible, these are the appropriate home pages for the authors (etc.) shown. If you know of any web pages that should be linked from the Hugo Nominees page, please e-mail your suggestions to

Additional note: some of these links go to excerpts, some go to complete versions. We at Chicon 2000 have no control over what the authors choose to give away...

For additional information on the Hugo Awads, the Hugo Award Ceremony at Chicon 2000, and more web links, please see our Hugo Awards page.

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