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Your Attention Please: If you found this page using a search engine, you're probably in the wrong place and should go to the official Fairmont Hotels home page [www]. You can't make any reservations from here, or even reach any Fairmont employee at all. This page has information compiled by and intended for members of Chicon 2000, the 58th World Science Fiction Convention.

One-Stop Chicago,

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A luxurious, European-style establishment that is offering Chicon exceptionally favorable rates. The Fairmont's larger-than-normal rooms feature gigantic bathrooms with oversized bathtubs, separate showers and mini-TV sets. No room is farther than four doors from an elevator. Most have views of Lake Michigan.

Fairmont Chicago
200 N. Columbus Drive, Chicago IL 60601
312-565-8000, guest fax: 312-856-1032, sales fax: 312-946-5311


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