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Rev. 23-Jan-2000
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Chaz Boston Baden/Erik V. Olson,

Erik V. Olson [www] joined the webmastering crew in November 1999. Erik has taken the lead in adding content to the website, starting with Transport by Air and Transport by Train. Erik also implemented the recent facelift on the main entry page, and picked a new background color for the web pages.

E-mail sent to the "webmaster" address goes to both of us, and we each work on the website as our personal schedules allow.

This web site is administered by Chaz Boston Baden [www]. Lately I've been concentrating my efforts on the website's internal programming, while Erik V. Olson (see above) handles the day-to-day additions of fresh content from others on the committee and our own researches.

The Chicago in 2000 bid page was created and maintained by Rick Waterson [www]. Many thanks are due to Rick for his work over the years. Server space has been donated by George Mitchell. Thanks are due to Tom Veal for having the confidence to give the job to a non-Chicagoan, to Dan Deckert for backing me to the hilt the last time around, and to Brian Lucas for starting all of us off in 1994.

My last major fannish WWW project was the L.A.con III - 1996 Worldcon [www] web site, and I also maintain the Science Fiction Resource Guide [www] and the Conucopia - 1999 NASFiC, Anaheim California [www] page. I have attempted to learn from my experiences; if there's something you liked about the 1996 Worldcon website that you'd like to see incorporated into the 2000 Worldcon website, please let me know.

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This is a brief list of things to check to make sure the various special features of the web site are behaving correctly.

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