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Rev. 06-Feb-2000
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Chicago's growth as a city can be traced to the growth of the railroads in the United States. Even with the advent of the airlines and the Interstate System, Chicago still enjoys a monumental train presence, with four active stations in the downtown area, three serving commuter rail, and the fourth serving local and long distance passenger rail.


Amtrak serves the continental United States, with over a dozen lines running into Union Station, at 210 S. Canal St., Chicago IL 60661, on the west side of the Loop. There are too many routes to try and list here, but Amtrak [www] has a comprehensive listing of routes and fares, and offers on-line booking.

Chicon 2000 has made arrangements with Amtrak to offer Chicon 2000 members a 10% discount on travel to the convention, with a stipulation of a return by September 7th, 2000. Mention fare code X-51L-952. Amtrak Reservation can be reached at (800) 872-7245.

Getting from Union Station to the convention is best done by taxi (around $7) or Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) bus (Route 151, board on Canal St, take the southbound bus, which turns west, $1.50 fare. Get off at Wacker Drive, walk 1 block east to the convention). Walking is possible, but it would be nearly a mile from Union Station to the convention.

The CTA Downtown Sightseeing Brochure [www] (PDF) lists most of the hotels and sights in the downtown Chicago area, with bus and train routes connecting them. The Chicon Hotels are listed, by numbers -- 31 is the Hyatt, 20 is the Fairmont, and 52 is the Swissotel.


Metra, a consortium of 4 independent rail compaines, serves the seven counties around the Chicagoland area, feeding into four stations in the downtown area -- Union Station, Randolph Street Station, LaSalle Street Station and the Ogilvie Transportation Center. Trains run as far as Kenosha WI and South Bend IN. The CTA Downtown Sightseeing Brochure [www] (PDF) lists how to get from the stations to the convention hotels, note that the Randolph Street Station is just one block south of the Fairmont. Online schedules and fare information is at the online Metra Information Center [www].

Disclaimer: None of the above mentioned companies are affiliated in any way with Chicon 2000, and are offered for informational purposes only.

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