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For those travelling by bus to the Chicago area, Greyhound [www] has two terminals in the Chicago area. The Chicago-Downtown terminal is the closest to the convention, and the Chicago-Dan Ryan/95th is several miles to the south of downtown.

Getting to Chicon from the bus terminal:

Taxi fare from the downtown bus terminal would cost around $10, and from the Dan Ryan terminal would be about $25. Information on using taxi services in Chicago is available on the City of Chicago's How to use taxis [www] page.

CTA Train
Both terminals are close to the Chicago Transit Authority's light rail system, commonly known as the "El". The Downtown Terminals is 2 blocks from the Blue Line (Forest Park Branch.) Take the blue line inbound to Jackson. You can then walk, about 5 blocks, or wait on Jackson street and take the #60 bus to Columbus, which is 1/2 block south of the Fairmont Hotel, and 1 block South of the Hyatt. Fare is $1.50, with an addition $.30 for the transfer.

From the Dan Ryan terminal, take the CTA Red Line inbound to the Lake Street Station, and walk east 1 block for the Fairmont, and north from there 1 block to the Hyatt.

From the downtown terminal, wait on Harrison for the #60 inbound, and ride it to Stetson. See above for directions. Fare would be $1.50

More information on the CTA system can be found at the CTA Homepage [www]. Of particular interest would be the Downtown Sightseeing guide [www] (PDF), which covers all the lines mentioned above, and has a map with most of the downtown hotels marked.

Contact Greyhound [www] via their web page or by phone at (800) 231-2222 for routes, schedules and fares.

Disclaimer: None of the above mentioned companies are affiliated in any way with Chicon 2000, and are offered for informational purposes only.

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