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Brent J. Warren,

Swissotel, Lower Ballroom Level 3, Alpine Room.

From the dust of the Mach 5, through the power of the reconfigurable veritechs of Robotech, "Anime" (Japanese Animation) has expanded and expounded within the U.S. It's most easily recognized by the non-afficionado because of the prevalence of cute, female characters with short skirts (or alternately skin tight spandex), outrageous, high tech mecha, oddly colored hair (blues, greens, neon reds) arranged in asymmetrical, geometric shapes and the ever present combat phrase (and pose, a necessity). Plot twists, unique things happening to characters (water based sex changes?), and the use of cute, fuzzy creatures make anime a true treat to behold. So look beyond tales of the electric mouse (Pikachu) and visit the Chicon 2000 Anime Rooms.

There will be a limited edition, special program guide available at the convention, as well as some other neat surprises. Don't miss out!

Anime Sponsors

The 58th World Science Fiction Convention / Chicon 2000 Anime Room is being sponsored by MANGA Entertainment, a Chicago-based company that has become a household name in the anime community. Their best-known anime is Ghost In The Shell. MANGA will be showing the Special Edition DVD version of Ghost In The Shell in surround sound at the convention along with their other various titles. We are also being blessed with anime videos, discs, and series from Bandai, Urban Vision, Media Blasters, and AD Vision to name just a few. We would like to thank these companies for their support in making this year's Worldcon the best yet.

Check out our sponsors on the web!

Chicon 2000 Anime Listings

This is a list of some of the anime programs we'll have in the first 24 hours of our schedule.

And this is only for Thursday, and Friday morning. Wait till you see what else we're doing! Pick up a Chicon 2000 Anime Program Guide for the rest of the Convention schedule.

All Anime is subject to availability.

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