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Rev. 22-Aug-2000
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Chicon 2000 Film Program

The Film and Video programs will be in the Swissotel. The film program in the Grand Ballroom at the Swissotel (below the lobby level) is the primary film retrospective program and will be shown in 16mm format. The films departmant is working for the best possible logistical presentation of the Hugo nominees for Best Dramatic Presentation. The schedule and location of those exhibitions will be available at the convention.

4:00 pm Rocketeer
6:00 pm War of the Worlds
7:30 pm October Sky
9:30 pm Men in Black
11:30 pm Dr. Strangelove
1:00 am THX1138

10:00 am Batteries Not Included
12:00 pm Tron '82
2:00 pm Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan
4:00 pm Total Recall
6:00 pm Day the Earth Stood Still
7:30 pm Terminator 2
10:00 pm Blade Runner
12:30 am Dark City
2:30 am Heavy Metal

10:00 am Toy Story
11:30 am Wizard of OZ
1:30 pm Willy Wonka
3:30 pm Ice Pirate
5:00 pm The Lost World
6:00 pm The Thing from Another World
7:30 pm Truman Show
9:30 pm Fantasia 2000
11:00 pm Aliens
1:30 am Barbarella

10:00 am Mary Poppins
12:30 pm Back to the Future
2:30 pm Topper
4:30 pm Metropolis
5:30 pm Forbidden Planet
7:30 pm Contact
10:00 pm Sleeper
12:00 am Sleepy Hollow
2:00 am Gattaca

10:00 am Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
12:00 pm Raiders of the Lost Ark
2:00 pm Ladyhawke

Top Ten SF Movies

We had hoped to show all ten of the "Top Ten SF Movies of the 20th Century" but we were unable to obtain "2001: A Space Odyssey" and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" in large format film. Please check the Daily Newsletter and Information Desk for times those two are showing on video.

Chicon 2000 Video Program

Watch this space.

The Video Program will be held in the Swissotel in the William Tell Theatre, 2nd floor.

Some film related articles

Bob Eggleton has given us his review of Godzilla and his personal Top Ten SF Movies.

Also, in response to a request in August of 1999, the members of Chicon have voted on their Top Ten Films.

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