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Jan DiMasi,

Filk Hotel

The Filk Suitelounge is in a suite on the 4th floor of the Hyatt, in the West Tower. A special feature of the suite is an elevator that will bring you and your instruments directly to the Concourse level Filk Hallway, and to the Ballroom level for the concerts. This feature provides a convenience unheard of at Worldcons.

To have your room close to the Filk Suitelounge, you need to revise your reservation with One-Stop-Chicago. Let them know you want to be near GERRY TYRA. I can do this for you. Email your request and include your reservation number.

We are pleased to have Colleen Savitzky [www] as our Filk Suitelounge Hostess. Lady Colleen has a fine reputation on the west coast and we are honored to have her overseeing our Filk Suitelounge.

Filk Programming

The information is subject to change and mistakes. Please be patient.

West Tower ballroom level Acapulco Room will have Concerts between 12:00 pm and 7:00 pm. West Tower Concourse level Gold Coast Room, Columbian Room, Picasso, Haymarket, and Buckingham Room will have Themed Filk Jams starting at 9:30 pm and followed with Themed Open Filk starting at 11:00pm and going until 5 or 6 am. These rooms will have scattered filk panels through the day.

The other panels of general interest are "song and stories" where books are discussed and songs presented that have been written about the books.


"Concerts" are Filk performances. This can be as an individual, or as a group. Programming set the length, time and location, and the performers decide what they want to perform. Concerts will be in the Acapulco room, Ballroom level of the west tower of the Hyatt. The bulk of concerts will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 7:00pm.


"One-shots" are the performance of just one song. We use them to fill in spaces during concerts, etc. More importantly, they allow someone a chance to sing in front of an audience, quite often for the first time. There will be a sign-up sheet in the Filk Suitelounge.

Open Filks

"Open Filks" usually take place late in the evening, and are the last filk programming of the day. As the title suggests, they can be completely open, i.e. whatever happens, happens, or if time and space permit, we can say that tonight, in this room, there will be an "open filk" in a particular style - this lets the attendees know ahead of time what to expect - both as performers and listeners. A "Host" is necessary to get things started, and to oversee the evening.

Theme Filks

"Theme Filks" are a chance to have an hour or so of filk with the same topic. Anyone attending can perform, if they desire. But you need a host to ensure that the filk stays on theme.

Round-Robin or Performer's Circle

"Round-Robins" or "Performer's Circles" are "Theme Filks", but with the performers asked ahead of time to perform, and then as a group decide what "set" they are having. A host is appointed.


"Workshops" are an in-depth, hands-on, group participatory session, presented by one or two people, on a specific filk topic. They may be musical or non-musical, or a combination of both. The presenters, if they want to can limit the number of attendees. There will be a sign-up sheet in the Filk Suitelounge.

Children's Filk Programming

Filk programming for children usually involves doing known children's filk songs and some of the presenters' children's favourites, that are not filk, in a "performer's circle" style. The main thing is for the kids to have fun, and participate - this usually includes the kids singing, using drums, kazoos, rhythm eggs, etc. Kid filk will take place at Children's Programming, as well as in the filk rooms. Parents must accompany the child when in the filk room. We are also planning for the "Official group of children who are being babysat" more of the non-filk favourite children's songs, but again with participation by all.


"Panels" are usually non-musical discussions, about a specific topic relevant to filk with panellists and a moderator. Audience participation is welcomed.


The song book is an overwhelming success. Thank you to the 40 contributors who sent in songs. There are 50 songs, about 75 pages. Each person who gave a song will get a book, and the rest will be available at Chicon for a $5.00 donation to Interfilk. Interfilk [www] is a nonprofit charity that provides worthy transport of filkers to places far and unknown. Song books will be avaible in the Filk Suitelounge and other places around the convention.

Songbook Table of Contents

Title Author
Twelve Years at Worldcon Frank Hayes
At the First WorldconMichael Longcor
Daddy is a Spaceman Tom Veal
Damned Infernal Elevators Sherman Dorn
The Song of the WSFS, Inc. Nick Falasca
(And it Feels Like It Must Be) Five Hundred Miles Perrianne Lurie
Ghost Pirates in DCGary Ehrlich
The Fen Behind Chicago John Hall
Con Organizer's Lament Jacob Sommer
At the WorldconRoberta Rogow
Remember the HyattBill Roper and Clif Flynt
Con BidLee Gold
Con ChairmanBarbara Higgins
Be Our GoHTom Smith
I'm Not Leaving On a Jet Plane Perrianne Lurie
The Hallways of Bucconeer Mark A. Mandel
Five Wise Fen of Worldcon Harold Feld
Hotel MetropolePerrianne Lurie
Charlie and the Illinois Center Gary Ehrlich
NASFiC ConDiegoRoberta Rogow
Still at WorldconLarry Kirby
Doctor of PhysiqueMarc Ortlieb
I Hate Worldcon Elevators Lee Billings
Collector's LamentErwin S. Strauss (Filthy Pierre)
SMOF Widow Blues Bill and Gretchen Roper
Chicon's OkayBruce Dane
I Am the Very Model of a Fannish Individual John Pomeranz and Mary Bentley
The Evolution of a Neo Lee Billings
A WorldconMarc Ortlieb
Ode to ConfiascoGary Ehrlich
Nolacon TwoPerrianne Lurie
A Tribute to NolaconRoberta Rogow
Ballad of the Pousse-caféRoberta Rogow
(The Con They Call the) City of New Orleans Matt G. Leger and Guy H. Lillian III
The Bonnie IntersectionRoberta Rogow
The Big Con of Summer Anne and Tim Walker
At MagiconRennie Levine
Magicon HymnRoberta Rogow
Confiction FrictionsPerrianne Lurie
Thanks to the FenCarol Flynt
Convention of 2140Anonymous
Heaven Con Kathy Mar
Con Man BluesSally Childs-Helton
Filky the SnowmanPalman Lapgan
Walk Like a SithTom Smith
Who's NextBruce Dane
Eight Days of IggyBruce Dane
Working the Convention Blues Bill Roper
Ops JunkieBarbara Higgins
Dead Dog TimeMaureen S. O'Brien
Carol Roper,

Filk Committee

A huge thank you for all the work, encouragement, and support the filk committee has provided over the past 2 years.

Participants Confirmed to Attend

The information is subject to change and mistakes. Please be patient.

Name P=Panel(s), C=Concerts, T=Themed Filks, K=Children's filk and music, O=Open Filks, R=Round Robins, F=Fun Functions, W=Workshops, S=Songbook
Stephanie Bedwell-Grimes C, P
Mark Bernstein C, P, T
Terence Chua [www] C, R
Dave Clement C, P, R, T
Juanita Coulson [www] P, R
Solomon Davidoff C
Jan DiMasi F, P
Gary Ehrlich [www] C, P, R
Leslie Fish C, O
Carol Flynt C, P, R, W
Clif Flynt C, P, R
Hal Frank
Daniel Glasser C, P, R
Melissa Glasser C, P, R
Barry Gold C
Lee Gold [www] O
Lynn Gold [www] C, P, R, T
Joe W. Haldeman [www] C
John Hall R
Howard Harrison C, T
Dave Hayman [www] P
Judith Hayman [www] C, K, O, P, R
Arlene " HillsCallie" C
Jordin Kare C
Mary Kaye Kare R
David Kushner C
Ken Lalonde P
Richard Letterman C
Tracy Linquest C
Michael Longcor C, P, R, T
Spencer Love P
Dave Luckett C, R
Perrianne Lurie P
Steven Macdonald [www] C, P, R, T
Kathy Mar [www] C, O, P, R
Gary McGath [www]
Dierdre Murphy C
Anne Passavoy T
Doc Passavoy T
Barb Riedel C
Roberta Rogow [www] C, P, R
Bill Roper C, P, R
Carol Roper C, W
Gretchen Roper C, R
Steve Savitzky [www] C, R
Howard Scrimgeour P, R
Joey Shoji [www] P, R
Steve Simmons C, W
Glenn Simser
Kathleen Sloan C, P, R
Tom Smith [www] C, P, R, W
Dell Stinnett P
Bill Sutton [www] C, P, R, T, W
Brenda Sutton [www] C, P, R, T, W
Alan Thiessen K
Persis Thorndike P
Art Warneke C
Peggi Warner-Lalonde C
Dave Weingart [www] C, K, R, T

Email me at with any questions.

Jan DiMasi (of the Magic Fingers)

Online Filk Resources

If you have a web page we should list here or in the Participants list, send it to please.

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