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Rev. 03-Aug-2000
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Trip to Cubs Park

For members who are also baseball fans, Chicon 2000 is organizing a trip to Wrigley Field, on Thursday, 31-Aug-2000. The game starts at 1:30PM. Tickets for this trip can be purchased at the Chicon Online Store [www].

Trip to Sox Park?

With the recent success of the Chicago White Sox, Chicon 2000 is left wondering if there would be enough interest to warrant a trip to Comiskey Park. If you are interested in visiting the Southside ballpark, please contact and let us know.

Fermilab Tour

Due to massive demand, we have increased the size of the Fermilab tour to a full size bus carrying 50 people. As of now (01-Aug-2000) I have already received more than 50 requests for space on the bus. Just about everyone that has written to me before 31-Jul-2000 should be able to go. I will contact everyone personally in the next few days to confirm that thay can go, as the tentative time for the tour had changed from the first posting. We have, at Fermilab's request, limited the tour to 50 people -- that's the max that they want to work with. We had a couple of requests to have school age kids go on the tour. I haven't heard back from my contact at FNAL about this -- I will update everyone that has asked about this as soon as I know.

Dr. Tom LeCompte will be heading the tour, with the assistance of Fermilab docents for some of the tour. Dr. LeCompte was kind enough to reprise his role as tour guide -- he also did the tour for Chicon V -- he's coming back from CERN early to host the tour. Please let him know when you see him at Fermilab how much we appreciate this.

The tentative schedule is this: Depart from the HYATT at 1:30pm (1330) on Friday, 01-Sep-2000. The tour is scheduled to start at 3:00pm (1500), and go for two hours. We will be back at the Hyatt as soon as traffic allows -- remember, this is a Friday Rush Hour in Chicago, and it's Labor Day Weekend -- so if you need to be somewhere at 6:00pm, your chances of making it are very slim (read none). We need to be back by 7:30pm, or we're overtime on the bus..... FNAL is 40+ miles from the Hyatt, as the bus drives....

If anyone has any questions. please contact me at

John Donat, Condiments Director

Other Tours

Chicon is in the process of planning several tours, including a tour of the Loop, and other tours by noted local fans. Watch this space for more info.
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