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Rev. 21-Aug-2000
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Lynn Perkins,

15th Annual Chesley Awards

Hyatt Hotel, Live Stage Area, Riverside Center. Friday, 7:30 pm, 01-Sep-2000.

The Chesleys, named for the great astronomical artist Chesley Bonestell, began in 1985 as a means for the Science Fiction and Fantasy art community to recognize individual works and achievements during a given year. This year's awards are for works and achievements in the period from 01-Jan-1999 to 31-Dec-1999.

The awards will be presented at ceremonies held at Chicon 2000, the 58th World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon).

All convention members are invited to attend. Slide projectors will provide good views of all the nominees. Anyone with an interest in art is welcome to stop by and share in the presentation of this year's well-deserved awards.

Each category can be sponsored by an individual or corporation.

This year Tor Books [www] is sponsoring the Best Hardback Cover Illustration category.

Baen Books [www] is sponsoring the Best Paperback Book Illustration category (they are also one of the nominees for Best Art Direction).

Colleen Doran, writer and illustrator of the A Distant Soil graphic novels, with Image Comics [www], is sponsoring Best Magazine Cover.

Warner Aspect is not only sponsoring Best Interior Illustration, but is also providing us with one of our Masters of Ceremony, Betsy Mitchell, a senior editor for Warner Aspect.

Dreamstone [www], an Australian print and sculpture dealer is sponsoring Best Product Illustration.

Worlds of Wonder, one of the premier art galleries specializing in fantasy and science fiction art in the world, is sponsoring Best Unpublished Color.

Best Monochrome Unpublished is being sponsored by Atlantis, a Cincinnati-based manufacturer of custom pewter pins with diving and ocean themes (they also publish and distribute mermaids prints).

Moore Creations, the company that created the resin statue of Lady Death, as well as other superb comic-related collectible statuettes, is appropriately sponsoring the Bet Three Dimensional category.

Best Gaming-Related is being sponsored by that giant of the gaming industry, Wizards of the Coast, who also designed and printed this year's beautiful Chesley Brochure.

Contribution to ASFA is being sponsored by Del Rey.

Artistic Achievement is sponsored by Paper Tiger. Paper Tiger is also providing us with our other Master of Ceremonies, the delightful Paul Barnett.

The nominees for the fifteenth annual Chesley awards, given each year by the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists (ASFA) [www] for outstanding work in the field, have been announced.

ASFA is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to serving the visual arts of Science Fiction, Fantasy and related topics. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the art of the genre, and includes an international population of artists, collectors, management, publishers and the general public.

By category, the nominees are as follows:

Best Cover Illustration: Hardback Book

Best Cover Illustration: Paperback Book

Best Cover Illustration: Magazine

Best Interior Illustration

Best Color Work, Unpublished

Best Monochrome Work, Unpublished

Best Three-Dimensional Art

Award for Artistic Achievement

Best Art Direction

Best Gaming-Related Illustration

Best Product Illustration

Award for Contribution to ASFA

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