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Rev. 23-Aug-2000
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Chicon 2000 is Looking for a few Great Gofers

Drop us a line at, or stop by at the Con. We'll be located in the Skyway Suites in the Hyatt, or follow the signs from Registration.

We will need people on Tuesday afternoon (29-Aug-2000) for moving things around and getting the convention space ready for business. As well as on Tuesday afternoon (05-Sep-2000) for moving things out of the hotel and returning the space back to the Hyatt.

We'll also need people all during the con as door guards, messengers, decorating for the dances, and all around general "go-fering."

We do have limited crash space for our gofers, and as always the Gofer Lounge is always open to re-stoke your gofer engines.

Volunteers who work 25 hours or more for Chicon will receive refunds of their membership fees, provided that the convention has sufficient leftover funds. (So it's important to make sure we have your correct mailing address on file.)

Contact Katie Davies at if you want to volunteer for pre-con duty.

Thank you for volunteering, we always appreciate the ones who really make a convention run. And we know it can't be done with out your help.

Katie Davis, Gofer Diva.
Madrene Bradford, Ass't Div. Head, OPS,

You are Essential!

Volunteers are essential to any convention. Without the help of volunteers the convention simply wouldn't happen at all. Everyone you see working for the convention is a volunteer. This even includes the convention staff and a great many of the guests who are giving their time and energy to see that you have a good time. All of the departments such as Convention Services, Hospitality, Registration and Programming are staffed exclusively with volunteers. All of the events such as the Dances, the Masquerade, the Art Show, Video and a great many of the panels depend upon volunteer labor. No one gets paid for this, we do it out of love ... love of Science Fiction and Fantasy, love of costuming, music, art and fun.

Volunteering is the easiest way to meet people with interests like your own. If you like art, sign up for a shift in the art show. You'll meet other people who like art too. If you want a close-up view of the "Dune" mini-series promo and other exhibits, offer to help set up or tear down the Concourse. This is especially good if you're shy and find it hard to introduce yourself to others. People have made lifelong friends by working together as volunteers. Want to meet the Pros? Sign up for a shift in Hospitality, chances are they will stop in there for at least a little while.

There is a special sense of satisfaction and self esteem that comes from contributing something to an event like a Con, and you get some even more tangible benefits if you volunteer. You get to learn new things and make new friends. You will also get an invite to the special volunteer party after the convention.

Remember, it takes a lot of work to put on an event like this and we need all the help we can get.

While it's true that if everyone who attended the convention signed up for just one volunteer shift we wouldn't have enough jobs to go around, it is also true that we never seem to get enough volunteers.

If you enjoy Cons, show your appreciation by putting something back into them. Take two hours out of your weekend and sign up for a volunteer shift. Just go to the Volunteer Desk in the Hyatt Skyway Suites and ask where and when they need volunteers.

And remember, without your help, we wouldn't be here for you.

Courtesy of the Klingon Diplomatic Corps - I.C.B.

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