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Hugo Ceremony Gophers

We're looking for help directing people to the Hugos on Saturday, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. It's easy duty -- you just stand in one place and when people come up to you, you point towards the next gopher down the line. Please write to Leann Runyanwood, at and tell her you saw the notice on the Want Ads.

Hugo Ceremony Volunteers

People wishing to join Team Hugo (the folks in Chicon's Events Division running the Hugo Ceremony) should submit a Chicon 2000 volunteer form. Select "Hugo Award Ceremony" under areas of interest. Especially needed are ushers. You'll need to be dressed nicely, but other than that, it is the easiest job in the ceremony, with good views of the entire event.

Videotape Producer Needed

Opening Ceremonies needs someone to construct a videotape out of miscellaneous slides, photos, tape segments, etc. Does anyone know of person who could undertake this unremunerative but egoboo-generating task? If so, please respond ASAP to Becky Thomson ( or Tom Veal (

Wanted: Game Masters or people willing to monitor gaming events during the convention.

Due to an unforseen situation, Chicon's Gaming Track is in need of a few extra GMs to help round out the gaming schedule.

In particular, we are looking for board game monitiors, familiar with many of the current games out (The Settlers series, etc...) as well as the classics (Talisman, Merchants of Venus, etc....).

Also we need people willing to GM RPG events. We want a large variety of RPGs available, so the more you know, the better...however, if you only know one game very well, that's fine too.

We are more than willing to work around your convention schedule, so don't let that worry you. Let us know what you are willing to do and we'll set it up.

If you are interested in lending a hand, contact us at and let us know.

Beryl Turner,

Decorate the Disco. I wouldn't mind people that want to help with decorations for the Friday Night Fever Disco Dance. Last Chicon I had close to 10-12 gophers doing balloons and we needed every one.

Michele Jaye Solomon,

Other Award Ceremonies

If you plan on awarding any special awards at Chicon 2000 and would like to participate in the Other Worldly Awards Ceremony please contact Lynn Koehler at ASAP. The final arrangements for that ceremony are due 01-Aug-2000. I especially want to hear from the Prometheus and Seiun people. Please contact us at

Bid photos wanted.

I am anxious to find photographs of Chicon 2000 bid tables, parties, sales tables, committee meetings, etc. for use during Opening Ceremonies. We are looking for things that fit into the theme "How We Got to This Point," but the most desirable qualities are shots which are humorous or otherwise interesting or which show well-recognized fans or pros. I can use jpegs, photo prints, slides or negatives, and will return such if requested. Contact Becky at or

Computer Goofs Bedevil Convention

Technology isn't perfect. A hard drive crash has resulted in most of the info sent to Todd Cameron Hamilton, our Art Show Director, being lost. If you've emailed Todd, you should resend whatever you talked about, just to be safe.

Pubs Needs You!

The Publications Gang is desperately looking for fans in the Chicagoland Area who are willing to drop flyers at branches of the Chicago Public Library, various other libraries, Book Stores, and other places in the area. Anyone willing to help should contact Diane Miller Blackwood,

Also, we'd like you to talk up the convention as much as possible. Call up the local radio shows, chat it up with friends and co-workers, that kind of effort. The more people we have, the more fun we have.

Fandom in Chicago:

Barry and Marcy Lyn-Waitsman are tearing through their basement and closets for material for all to see how Chicago has a varied and active fannish history. We have found lots of paper (flyers, Progress Reports, Program Books, badges, etc.) but we would love to have pictures! If you have some great pictures of past fannish activities in the immediate Chicago area, from conventions to picnics to parties and beyond, please let us borrow and/or copy them for all to see. You will be reimbursed for copies. Please contact us at or the ChiCon P.O. Box with a short description of what you have. Thanks for your help!

The Search for Fanned Ham (or Something Like It)
Gretchen H. Roper, Ringmaster,

Are you a fannish ham looking for a place to strut your stuff? Let us know at Cooger and Dark's Traveling Circus and Pandemonium Shadow Show down in the soon-to-be-renamed Wacker Hall. When art isn't being auctioned, our Live Stage will be up and running and we're looking for performers who can keep a Worldcon audience entertained for a half-hour.

Singing is great, but we're looking for more than music -- stand-up comedy, sketch material, juggling, magic, and other things that you may know about that we haven't thought of yet have a place down at Cooger and Dark's. Let us know what you can do and -- if it sounds like fun to us -- we'll get you a spot on the program.

Chicon 2000 Children's Programming is looking for responsible persons to help maintain and monitor the children's programming rooms. This is a staff position with the rewarding and entertaining function of insuring the smooth flow of some excellent planned children's programs involving such excellent participants as Hal Clement and Josepha Sherman, among others. Please contact me if you are interested in insuring that our younger attendees have a good time at Worldcon as well!

Linda Winks,

Lost and Found

A trip report prepared by Bruce and Elayne Pelz was left at the Chicon table at LoneStarCon. The owner may reclaim it by writing to or to our post office box and identifying the country to which it pertains. We regret to say that it has suffered a slight amount of water damage while in our custody (due, improbably enough, to rain leaking through the ceiling of a second floor room in a 16-story building).

Date: 09-Mar-1998

TRADING CARDS. Unstamped copies of Chicago in 2000 trading cards 1, 6, 14, 15, 18, 20, 22, 25, 26 and 32 available for sale or trade. Contact Jeff Bantly,

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