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Rev. 20-May-2000
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Richard Chwedyk,

What it is? Who is it for?

The writers workshop is not a competition. It's an opportunity to get direct feedback on specific works you've written and submitted to the workshop. Work must be submitted in advance, and should be original prose fiction - SF, fantasy or dark fantasy/horror - either short stories or excerpts from longer works.

Each workshop "section" will consist of three entrants, up to three "pros" and a moderator. The sections meet for three hours, giving each entry roughly an hour of critiques.

The workshops are scheduled in quiet, secluded rooms to guarantee privacy. Visitors will be excluded (excepting assistants to entrants with physical disabilities).

Each entry will be read and critiqued by the other members of the section. The "pro" part of the section will consist of published authors, editors or other professionals in the publishing field. Please note, though, that it's not possible to schedule participants with any specifically requested participating pros.

Some moderators are published authors or editors themselves. All of them are experienced in moderating writing workshops. The workshop is not recommended for participants under eighteen, but exceptions will be considered.

What to do

Entries should conform to professional standards of manuscript submission (such as double spacing, white paper, printed on one side only, an easily readable font, etc.).

Submit only one copy of your entry.

Entrants may submit works no longer than 7,500 words (roughly thirty double-spaced pages). For excerpts of longer works (beginnings are preferred), this limit will include a brief synopsis or plot summary.

All submissions should include a cover letter with your name, address, phone number and an e-mail address if you have one. Entrants who wish to have more than one work critiqued should submit separate checks for each entry, in the case that a second or third work has to be returned.

Please include your badge number in your cover letter.

There is a fee to cover postage, photocopying and routing of manuscripts (American members, $30.00; Canadian members US$35.00; overseas members US$40.00). The fee will be charged for each entry submitted (For example, three short stories totaling thirty pages are still considered three separate entries). Because of possible limitations in scheduling or availability of pros, only one entry can be guaranteed a critique. Please list the priority in which you want your entries critiqued. Collaborative works will be counted as a single entry.

Please make checks payable to Chicon 2000

As of this writing, the following authors, industry professionals and experienced moderators have agreed to participate in the writers workshop:

Roger Macbride Allen	James C. Glass		Hilary Moon Murphy
Catherine Asaro		Anne Harris		G. David Nordley
Eleanor Arnason		Howard V. Hendrix	Frederik Pohl
Gerri Balter		P. C. Hodgell		Jean Rabe
Ben Bova		Rachel Holmen		Bruce Holland Rogers
Kent Brewster		Elizabeth Anne Hull	Jane Routley
Algis Budrys		Leslie Gadallah		Melissa Scott
Stephen L. Burns	David Gardner		Bradley H. Sinor
E.J. Cherhavy-Shumak	Richard Garfinkle	Glenn R. Sixbury
Rob Chilson		Alex Jablokow		Joan Slonczewski
Richard Chwedyk		Bill Johnson		Allen M. Steele
Hal Clement		James Patrick Kelly	James Stevens-Arce
Ron Collins		Lee Killough		S. M. Stirling
Randy Dannenfelser	Nancy Kress		Jefferson P. Swycaffer
James S. Dorr		Jacqueline Lichtenberg	Lois Tilton
Linda J. Dunn		Jean Lorrah, Ph.D.	Laura J. Underwood
Raymund Eich		Sean McMullen		James Van Pelt
Bill Fawcett		Melisa C. Michaels	Katie Waitman
David Feintuch		Sasha Miller		Rick Wilber
Adrienne Foster		Mary Anne Mohanraj	Laurel Winter
Richard Gilliam		John Moore		Richard Woods
Carolyn Ives Gilman	Sandra C. Morrese	

Deadline/Where to write/Who to contact

All entries must be received by 30-Jun-2000. Send manuscripts and inquiries to:
Chicon 2000 Writers Workshop
c/o Richard Chwedyk, Workshop Coordinator,
7538 N. Bell Ave.
Chicago IL 60645-1962 USA
e-mail: or (for inquiries only, at this time).

Manuscripts may also be sent to the central Chicon address, but it won't guarantee that they will reach the workshop coordinator in time. A self-addressed stamped envelope should accompany all mail inquiries.

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