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WSFS Business Meeting

Rev. 23-Aug-2000
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Call for Motions

Kevin Standlee:

If you have a motion you plan to submit to the WSFS Business Meeting this year and can send it to me in electronic form by the end of the day on MONDAY, AUGUST 28, I will incorporate it into the agenda for the meeting. That way, you will not have to go make 200 copies of it yourself and we can cut down on the number of loose pieces of paper.

Technically, you must also submit a copy of the proposal signed by the maker and seconders to the head table staff before the motion can be considered, but you don't have to make 200 copies of that if you get electronic copy to me by next Monday.

Besides plain text, I can accept attachments as MS Word files, RTF, or anything that Word can open. I ask that when indicating changes, you use strikethru type to indicate deletions and underline type to indicate additions. Comments not part of a motion but intended to be printed with it can be in italic type. Motions should be sent to by Monday, 28-Aug-2000.

Every Worldcon is required to host the Business Meeting, which is hosted in multiple sessions. Any attending member is welcome to take part in the meetings. If you wish to bring business before the Meeting, you should, at the very least, read and understand the Constitution of the WSFS and the Standing Rules.

Below is the provisional agenda of the Business Meeting, as forwarded from the 1999 Business Meeting.

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