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Rev. 24-Aug-2000
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Meet The Pros Party

8:00 PM on Thursday, 31-Aug-2000, in the Crystal and Regent rooms (i.e. entired 3rd floor) the Fairmont Hotel.

Chicon 2000 is proud to announce the Meet-the-Pros reception this year will be a massive autograph party. With SFWA's support, Chicon 2000 will provide an opportunity for fans to get autographs from attending authors, artists, editors, publishers, and agents in a party atmosphere. All authors at Worldcon will be invited (whether or not SFWA members). In addition in support of the literacy programs set up by RWA (Romance Writers of America) with Laubach Literacy* SFWA has extended a special invitation to members of RWA to attend Worldcon and the Meet-the-Pros party. As an added attraction SFWA and RWA will be raffling off packets that include autographed books and other gifts provided by the authors. (Details on how to buy raffle tickets will be posted to this website at a later date.) All proceeds to go to the Laubach Literacy Programs.

These are some of the pros planning to attend the meet the pros party, available for autographing:

At con, the most up-to-date list will be available at registration, at the event itself, on the onsite web server [www] and in the dealers room (along with the names and locations of the dealers who will have works by the authors, artists, editors and publishers, available for purchase). Of course, there will still be autograph sessions throughout the convention to catch up to anyone you miss!

There will be refreshments available to help fans and pros keep up their strength and energy to meet the demands of autographing and tracking down everyone!

See you there.

*Laubach Literacy is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to helping adults of all ages improve their lives and their communities by learning reading, writing, math and problem solving skills. Anyone wishing additional information on the Laubach Literacy Programs will be able to get brochures at the Meet-the-Pros party (as well as speak to a representative of the program), the freebie tables and at the Laubach Literacy table located in the concourse area during the entire convention.

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