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Rev. 22-Aug-2000
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This year we offer a variety of readings for your listening pleasure. Some of the Big Name Authors we have slated to read from their latest stuff are Robert Jordan, Terry Pratchett, Lois McMaster Bujold, Connie Willis, Larry Niven, George R.R. Martin, Frederik Pohl, Hal Clement, and Joe Haldeman.

In addition to this standard sort of reading, however, we will also be giving a selection of authors, artists, editors, and fans the opportunity to read from the works of their favorite authors and discuss that author's work. There will also be a series of new author readings, in which three new authors will be grouped together to share a 75-minute reading period.

Readings will take place at the Hyatt Regency in the Atlanta, New Orleans and San Francisco rooms. Check your program grid and daily newsletter for precise times and locations.

Tentative list of participants


Forrest J. Ackerman; Tippi N. Blevins; Cheryl Ann Dawson; Raymund Eich; David Feintuch; Michael F. Flynn; Stephen Goldin; Nancy Kress; Mark L. Van Name; Nick Pollotta; Mark W. Tiedemann


Eleanor Arnason; Carol Berg; Alfred Bester (read by delphyne woods); Suzanne Alles Blom; Orson Scott Card; Jack L. Chalker; Cory Doctorow; Lord Dunsany (read by Darrell Schweitzer); James Alan Gardner; Elizabeth Hand; Alexandra Elizabeth Honigsberg; David M. Honigsberg; Lee Killough; R.A. Lafferty (read by Guy H. Lillian III); Henrik van Loon (read by Lee Gold); Mary Marshall; Michael Mayhew; Pat Murphy; Terry Pratchett; Kate Elliott/Alis Rasmussen; Darrell Schweitzer; Charles Sheffield; Allen Steele; S.M. Stirling


Roger MacBride Allen; Kevin J. Anderson; Steven Barnes; Hilari Bell; David Brin; John De Chancie; Guy Consolmagno SJ; Keith DeCandido; P.C. Hodgell; Geoffrey A. Landis; Jean Lorrah; Rebecca Moesta; Paul Pence; Frederik Pohl; Mark Shepherd; Susan Sizemore; Michael Swanwick; Leslie What; Connie Willis


Lois McMaster Bujold; Hal Clement; Greg Costikyan; Karen Cupp; Phyllis Eisenstein; Simon R. Green; Joe W. Haldeman; James Killus; George R.R. Martin; David Marusek; David Marusek; Terry McGarry; Mike Resnick; Darrell Schweitzer; Darrell Schweitzer; Kristine C. Smith; Harry Turtledove; Joan D. Vinge; Walter Jon Williams


Ben Bova; Tananarive Due; James C. Glass; Howard V. Hendrix; Mindy L. Klasky; Sharon Lee; Melisa Michaels; Steve Miller; James Van Pelt; Darrell Schweitzer; Joseph Sherman; Josepha Sherman

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