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Rev. 25-May-2000
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Tim Szczesuil,

PDF version of site selection ballot online.

Vote for Your 2003 Worldcon!

This Progress Report contains a ballot for the Site Selection for the 61st Worldcon to be held in 2003. The ballot lists all the rules and information, but the most important point is that it is not free. The voting fee for Site Selection is US $35; this not only entitles you to vote (only once, even in Chicago!), but also provides a Supporting membership in the 61st Worldcon regardless of which bid wins. This fee can be put towards an Attending membership after the vote. Conversions will be sold at the same location as the voting on the Sunday of Chicon 2000. Fill out and mail in your ballot now, and you won't have to wait in line at Chicon.

Official Bidders for 61st Worldcon

The filing deadline for bidders for the 61st Worldcon was Saturday, 04-Mar-2000. As of the end of that day, two bidders had submitted complete paperwork to qualify to appear on the Site Selection Ballot to be voted at Chicon 2000. The two bidders are Cancún in 2003 [www] and Toronto in 2003 [www].

If any member has any questions regarding the Site Selection process for the 61st Worldcon, please direct your email to

Tim Szczesuil, Site Selection Administrator
Chicon 2000

Site Selection for the 2003 Worldcon: So You Want to Hold a Worldcon!

Groups interested in bidding to run the 61st Worldcon in 2003 need to file with Chicon 2000 no later than 180 days before the official opening ceremony of the Chicon 2000 Worldcon. Therefore, the required paperwork must be received by Chicon 2000 on or before Saturday, 04-Mar-2000.

The following documents all have to be submitted as the bid filing:

  1. an announcement of intent to bid;
  2. adequate evidence of an agreement with its proposed site's facilities, such as a conditional contract or a letter of agreement;
  3. the rules under which the Worldcon Committee will operate, including a specification of the term of office of their chief executive officer or officers and the conditions and procedures for the selection and replacement of such officer or officers.
The bidding committee must supply written copies of these documents to any member of WSFS (i.e., until the end of Chicon, any Chicon member) on request.

Any site which is greater than 60 miles from the site of Chicon 2000, defined as the Hyatt Regency Chicago, is eligible to bid. Bid filings will only be accepted by mail to the following address:

Chicon 2000 Site Selection Administrator
18 Oak Hill Road
Littleton MA 01460

Worldcon bidders are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the WSFS Constitution . Voters for the 2003 Worldcon will be required to pay a voting fee. The voting fee will be determined by Chicon 2000 after consultation with all the committees bidding for the right to hold the 2003 Worldcon. Details of how to vote and the voting fee will be distributed with the site selection ballots. Any interested party with concerns or questions regarding the 2003 Worldcon Site Selection process may email

Site Selection for the 61st Worldcon

As a member of Chicon 2000, you can vote in Site Selection (by paying the voting fee) to choose the site of the 2003 Worldcon. We'll have more information about that later. Please check back again closer to the convention.

See also:

Site Selection Results for the 58th Worldcon

Votes for the site of the 2000 Worldcon were tallied at LoneStarCon2, the 1997 Worldcon, held in San Antonio TX.
Bid                      Mail-In  Thursday Friday Saturday  Total

Chicago in 2000             304      148    343      498     1293 Winner
Highmore, SD                  1        2      2        1        6
Minneapolis in '73            1               3        2        6
Boston in 2000                         2                        2
Hawaii in 2000                                2                 2              
Kansas City in 2000                           2                 2
Wigwam Village                         2                        2
Winnipeg                                      2                 2  
Zagreb                                        2                 2
Za'Ha'Dhum                                    2                 2
Albania                                1                        1
Alcatraz                                      1                 1
Angel Grove                            1                        1
Antarctica                                    1                 1
Boston Mountains                              1                 1
Brighton on the Green Line                    1                 1 
Europa                                        1                 1
Gnome of the Above                            1                 1
Joliet Prison                                 1                 1
Milwaukee                                     1                 1
New Orleans                                   1                 1
Takoma Park, MD                               1                 1
The Boat                                      1                 1

None of the Above             4        6     10        7       37

Sub-Total with Preference   312      157    363      537     1369
Votes Needed to Win                                           685
No Preference                15       17     16       50       98
Total Valid Ballots         327      174    379      587     1467
Invalid/Spoiled Ballots                       1        1        2
Note: As a first round majority was obtained, the None of the Above Showdown was ruled to be moot.

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