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Update Log: Jan-Feb 2000

Rev. 27-Apr-2000
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Chaz Boston Baden/Erik V. Olson,

Staff and Committee Roster - updated Condiments Division, FIAWOL Division.
Message Areas - one page with links to the All-Purpose Message Board, the Roommates Message Board, and the Delphi Forum.
Hotels - added info on new hotel forms. You do not need to rebook.
Hotel Vacancy Charts - added charts showing how much room is left in the hotels.
Book Discussions - Chicago fan Steve Metzger will lead a series of three book discussion groups during the course of Chicon 2000...
Members Home Pages - added Wu, Frank. [www]
Hugo Awards - added text version of nomination form.
Infobot News - updated list of bouncing e-mail addresses.
Membership List, Missing Members, Geographic Breakdown - new lists.
All About Chicago - incorporated "Getting Around" article.
Members Home Pages - added Chua, Terence. [www]; McArdle, Edward. [www]; Van Pelt, James. [www]
Academic Track - posted update.
Related Links, Sales Tables - new URL for DucKon [www]
Suites - parking is $13 per day.
Hyatt: Suite Request Form added. If you want a suite at the Hyatt, reserve it now via this fill-in form.
Transport by Air - added link to an online coupon for Airport Express, by member suggestion.
Want Ads - added article about at-con web operators.
Want Ads - added article regarding Children's Programming.
Hotel Form (Text) - updated for corrected Swissotel rates.
Hotels - added Latest Hotel News from the Chairman.
Swissôtel - corrected room rates. Chicon 2000 deeply regrets the error.
Hotel Form (PDF) - updated for corrected Swissotel rates.
Staff and Committee Roster - updated staffing notification blurbs.
Staff and Committee Roster - updated Publications Division.
Hugo Awards, "Hello, Concom Member" - updated URL for Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 [www]
Other Events in Chicago - information on limited time events in Chicago occuring during or near the convention.
Deadlines - added deadline for requesting a suite in the Hyatt.
Staff and Committee Roster - fine-tuned "General Staff" blurb.
Hotels, Hyatt Regency Chicago, Fairmont, Swissotelworked on "See also" list, and added One-Stop Chicago E-mail link.
Registration Form - background color changed to white for printing.
Staff and Committee Roster - removed organization article for space reasons. The text is archived here as part of Progress Report 2. (PDF)
Hotels, Hyatt Regency Chicago, Fairmont, Swissotel - added link to Online Hotel Reservation Form [www]
Transport by Train - added Union Station's street address, by member suggestion.
Hotels, Hyatt, Fairmont, and Swissôtel - added Important Hotel Information from the hotel forms, and added full street address to each hotel page.
Infobot News - updated list of bouncing users.
Infobot News - as of 05-Feb-2000, 42% of our members are subscribed to the Chicon 2000 Infobot News.
Student Science Fiction Contest - added Sign-up Form, plain ascii text.
Site Selection - added link to MCFI's "How is the Worldcon Selected" (see below for links)
Basic Information - added link to MCFI's "What Is The Worldcon" (see below for links)
Related Links - added two links from MCFI [www].
Hyatt, Fairmont, and Swissôtel - added information about room taxes. And corrected a typo or two.
Staff and Committee Roster - Added list of unassigned staff.
Swissôtel - fixed a typo in the restaurant section.
Hotels - fixed a broken link.
Infobot News - updated list of bouncing e-mail userids.
Staff and Committee Roster - updated Chairman's division.
Hugo Awards - added link to Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 [www]
Parties - added Babylon 4, Bucconeer parties.
Hugo Awards - posted Correct PDF Hugo Nomination Form that doesn't drop the F's off the cover. It's about 390K bytes, though.
WSFS Constitution - corrected year per Pat McMurray.
Parties - added a party.
Daily Newszine - edited writeup.
Hotels - added information about booking rooms before August 30th.
Registration - fixed typo.
Overview of Chicago - HTML style updated.
Progress Reports - Progress Report 5 was mailed on or before 30-Jan-2000. Complete document available in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF) in two parts, the main portion and the Beaucratic Supplemental [sic]. Plain ascii text version will be online soon.
Constitution of the World Science Fiction Society - split into two sections.

Table of Contents - moved Progress Report articles to a separate part of the page.
Chairman's Messages - split off Chairman's Messages from PR 3-4.
Student Science Fiction Contest - updated byline, added Contest Sign-Up Form (PDF).
Fine Dining - linked to restaurants' pages.
Hotel Information, Hyatt Regency Chicago, Fairmont Hotel, Swissôtel - updated with room rates and hotel reservation forms in PDF and plain ascii text formats.
Progress Reports - added Apology from the Chairman - "Due to an unfortunate miscommunication, the e-mail addresses of a number of Chicon volunteers were inadvertently printed in Progress Report No. 5. This mistake was not discovered until after the PR had been put into the hands of the Post Office..."
Infobot News - updated list of bouncing e-mail userids.
Daily Newsletter - added more staff.
Staff and Committee Roster - updated e-mail links in Chairman's Division.
WSFS Meting Standing Rules - made a small correction per Pat McMurray.
Student Science Fiction Contest - presented in conjunction with Baltimore Worldcon 1998 [www].
Films and Video - reorganized.
Top 10 Films - added from PR5, broken out onto own page.
Members Home Pages - updated URLs for O'Halloran, Christina. [www]; O'Halloran, John F. [www]
Parties - If you're planning on having a party, write to and we'll add you to the list on this page.
Infobot News Mailing List - Every time an installment of the Infobot News goes out, we get some bounces. I've posted a list of e-mail userids (the part before the @ sign) that have bounced. If you're on this list, and you haven't resubscribed with your new e-mail address, then you need to do so in order to receive the Infobot News.
Films and Video - added results of Chicon movie poll.
Missing Members - removed Pre-supporters that we couldn't find.
Registration, Conversion - added time limit to current membership rates.
Chairman's Messages - added article from PR5.
Hugo Awards - added article from PR5.
Artist Guest of Honor: Bob Eggleton - addded article from PR5.
Writers Workshop - added info from PR5.
Academic Track - added info from PR5.
Program Notes, Special Interest Group Space Allocation Form - added new info from PR5.
Masters of Space and Time - added article "Masters of Space and Time - Classics of Science Fiction Art: The Chicago Show."
Filk Music - added information from PR5.
Site Selection - updated with info from PR5.
Addresses - added a few more snail-mail addresses to this directory.
Suggestion Box, Dealers Form - Updated with new logo.
Fine Dining - Added Leah A. Zeldes' dining guide.
Staff and Committee Roster , Daily Newsletter - updated Daily Newsletter information and staff.
Transport By Car - added information and directions.
Addresses - Added filk book and programming postal addresses.
Filk Music - corrected a missed HTML tag that left part of the page in the wrong font.
Site Credits - added Erik V. Olson, and notes explaining the division of labor.
Program Questionnaire online, plain text version. "Please note that filling out this, or subsequent questionnaires, does not guarantee a spot on programming."
Hugo Awards - added new section: "A Few Hugo Award Links." Hugo Nomination Form (PDF) online.
Transport By Bus - added bus information.
Chicago in 2000 bid pages are still around for historical reference, but have been detached from the main next/previous chain.
Top, Table of Contents - All-Purpose Message Board is now available for posting messages.
Staff and Committee Roster - updated Condiments Division.
Transport By Air, Transport by Train- added infomation about fare discounts for members
Messages from the Chairman, Part I and Part II - fixed background color.
Staff and Committee Roster - updated Member Services Division, Exhibits Division.
Sales Tables - rotated out convention that have passed.
Transport by Train, Registration Form - fixed line break errors.
Membership List, Missing Members ("Lost Souls") - updated with lists as of 16-Jan-2000.
Members Home Pages - more HTML tweaking to match Membershp List.
Transport By Air, Transport by Train - updated information.
Members Home Pages - tweaked and twiddled to make sure every member with a home page will be linked from the Membership Listing.
Membership List, Members Home Pages - worked on eliminating false positives.
Staff and Committee Roster - fixed a typo.
Membership List as of 22-Dec-1999 uploaded.
Staff and Committee Roster - updated Exhibits Division, Publications Division, Condiments Division.
Staff and Committee Roster - updated Convention Services Division, Exhibits Division, Publications Division.
Finances - moved 1998 tax form zip file to zips directory.
Hugo Awards - added link to external site with Campbell Award information.
Staff and Committee Roster - minor tweak in Finance Division.
Staff and Committee Roster - updated email links to Publications Division, minor corrections.
Staff and Committee Roster - updated Events Division (e-mail links).
Hugo Awards - fiddled with the HTML.
Members Home Pages - added DeCandido, Keith R. A. [www]; Doctorow, Cory [www]; Frants, Marina [www]; Weingart, David [www]
Staff and Committee Roster - updated Events Division, Convention Services Division, also updated Finance Division.
Deadlines - 30-Apr-2000: Deadline for copy for Souvenir Book.
Advertising - added deadlines for PR 6-7.
Staff and Committee Roster - updated Publications Division.
Members Home Pages - added Olson, Erik V. [www]
Chairman's Messages, Chairman's Messages (PR 0-2) - split into two pages.
Top - New Logo, courtesy of Ray Van Tilburg, new background image, based on new logo.
All - New background color, to match new scheme.
Revision dates were not changed
Staff and Committee Roster - More updates, all in the Program Division.
Staff and Committee Roster - Update with several changes and corrections, added Hugo Award Subcommittee.
E-mail Directory - Updated with Staff Changes, above.
Hugo Awards - Added announcement of Hugo Awards Subcommittee.

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