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Events: So you want to Leave?

Chicago's a busy place, and wonderful for the fan who wants to get away from the convention for a while. This is a listing of limited time events that happen to coincide with Chicon 2000. All are limited time, some are ticketed, and some may require reservations, which is why we are detailing them here.

If you know of an event occuring in Chicago between 26-Aug-2000 and 06-Sep-2000, drop a line to and we'll add it here. Relevance is not an issue, fannish interests range far and wide, and it's our goal to make sure that no member leaves Chicago thinking "If I'd only known that was there."

Of course, there is plenty to do in Chicago that isn't travelling into town for a short time. See our Museums and Attractions page for listing of Chicagolands' permanent attractions.

22nd Annual Chicago Jazz Festival [www], at Grant Park.
31-Aug-2000 through 03-Sep-2000. One of the oldest in Chicago's series of free music festivals, located just a couple of blocks away from the Convention. Lineup TBA, but always amazing, including Herbie Hancock and Big Band Monk. Free, close, what more could you ask?
AT&T Tall ShipsŪ Chicago [www] at Navy Pier.
31-Aug-2000 through 05-September-2000. Navy Pier [www] plays host to the Tall Ships Chicago festival at Navy Pier. Eight to Ten multi-masted sailing vessels will put in along Navy Peir, hosted by Windy, Chicago's 148 foot, four masted Schooner, who home ports at the Pier. In 1998, over half a million folks came out to greet the ships, this time, the city is expecting 700,000, so be ready for crowds.
Pharaohs of the Sun [www], at the Art Institute Of Chicago.
16-Jul-2000 through 24-Sep-2000. The Art Institute of Chicago [www] is presenting a collection of artifacts from the Amarna period of Egyptian history. This is a ticketed exhibition, and the buzz indicates that tickets may be hard to get at the door. The Art Institute is four blocks south of the convention. Ticket prices for the exhibition are $5 on Tuesdays, $15 on Fridays-Sundays, and $10 otherwise, in addition to the normal admission. Admission to the Art Institute is free on Tuesdays.
Rocky Horror Picture Show [www] - "Midnight Madness"
The cast of Midnight Madness would like to invite Chicon attendees to celebrate the 25th anniversary year of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, at the Loews Fine Arts Theatres, 418 S. Michigan (2 blocks south of the Art Institute, or about 6 blocks south of the Hyatt Regency). Our show starts at 11:30pm every Saturday night; admission is $6.00. Costumes of all kinds and audience participation are always welcome! More information is available at our web site, or you can contact the cast president, Jeff Nurkiewicz at Don't dream it, be it!
STAR WARS: The Magic of Myth [www], at the Field Museum.
15-Jul-2000 through 07-Jan-2001. The Field Museum [www] presents an exhibit of various Star Wars related art work, props, models and costumes, including a couple of droids you might have seen here or there. Tickets are $5, over and above museum admission, but the Field is free on Wednesdays.
Titanic: The Exhibition [www], at the Museum of Science and Industry.
18-Feb-2000 through 04-September-2000. The Museum of Science and Industry [www] presents a special exhibit featuring over 200 artifacts from the Titanic, and recreations of several areas of the ship, including the boarding ramps and the Grand Staircase. There is also a related OmniMax film, Titanica. Tickets are available on line. The Museum of Science and Industry is several miles south of the convention center, but nearby CTA transit (#6 Jeffery Express, #10 Science and Industry buses) will take you right to the door. Tickets are $10, plus museum admission, admission to the Museum of Science and Industry is free on Thursdays.

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