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Classics of Science Fiction Art: The Chicago Show

by Alex and Phyllis Eisenstein

The end of the millennium has called up retrospective glances at nearly every aspect of life in the 20th Century, as well as a flurry of new extrapolations of how things will be in the 21st. Not to be outdone by mainstream media, Chicon 2000 will present a special exhibition of vintage science fiction art, surveying the broad range of yesterday's views of the worlds of tomorrow.

Based on the extensive Eisenstein collection, but also drawing on other collections in the Chicago area and the greater Midwest, "The Chicago Show" will spotlight the great SF art of the Fifties and Sixties. This Show will display more than 200 magazine and book covers and significant interior illustrations by the major artists of modern science fiction, including Ed Emshwiller, Frank Kelly Freas, Edd Cartier, John Schoenherr, Ed Valigursky, Richard M. Powers, Mel Hunter, Wallace Wood, H. R. van Dongen, and others of note.

Among the featured attractions: original cover paintings for Martians Go Home, The Stars My Destination, War of the Wing-Men, Big Planet, Wolfbane, City, "Call me Joe," "The Big Front Yard," and "The Miracle Workers," as well as other outstanding works from Ace, Astounding, F&SF, Galaxy, If, Infinity, Lancer, Popular Library, Pyramid, and other sources.

Be sure not to miss this eye-opening look back at our choicest mid-century memories of the future, as rendered by science fiction's preeminent visual masters of space and time.

Classics of Science Fiction Art

Presented by Alex & Phyllis Eisenstein

This is the preliminary list of art to be exhibited. It is subject to minor changes as the WorldCon draws closer. More information about these pieces will appear on labels at the exhibit.

Frank Kelly Freas - Book and Magazine Covers

Frank Kelly Freas - Interior Illustrations

Ed Emshwiller - Covers

Ed Emshwiller - Interiors

John Schoenherr - Covers

John Schoenherr - Interiors

Wallace Wood - Covers

Wallace Wood - Interiors

Other Covers

Other Interiors

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