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Rev. 18-May-2000
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(from Progress Report 2)

Worldcon budgeting is notoriously difficult, due to the fact that major financial commitments must be made fairly early, but the data for accurate revenue forecasting arrives fairly late. Hence, very few Worldcons have hit the target of having neither an embarrassing surplus nor a disastrous deficit. We are just starting to refine our budget and are trying to devise ways to match income and outgo more closely than in the past. You can help by persuading your friends to join early (when rates are lower, too) rather than procrastinate.

501(c)(3) Forms

For those who need them, here is an electronic copy of out 501(c)3 forms.

Tax Returns.

1998 Taxes - Form 990
Low resolution, 600 pixels wide. zip file
High resolution, 2560 pixels wide. zip file
Page 1 Page 1
Page 2 Page 2
Page 3 Page 3
Page 4 Page 4
Page 5 Page 5
Page 6 Page 6
Schedule A, Page 1 Page 1
Schedule A, Page 2 Page 2
Schedule A, Page 3 Page 3
Schedule A, Page 4 Page 4
Schedule A, Page 5 Page 5
Schedule A, Page 6 Page 6
Attachment Attachment

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