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Rev. 08-Jan-1999

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Chaz Boston Baden/Erik V. Olson,

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Mission and Goals

The Chicon 2000 Web Site's mission is to inform the members of the convention and publicize the convention to the public. The web site will have the most current information available, including everything that the convention chooses to announce. The site will be accessible to all, with an easy-to-use design. It will also serve as a parallel information channel for fans in areas of the world with good network connectivity but poor mail service.

How to Use the Site

If you use our "No Frames" version, you will be able to reach everything on the web site. You can use the "Next/Previous" links, you can select the "Table of Contents" link at the bottom of any page to get to any other page, or you can try our Keyword Search function. If your browser supports Frames, you may select the "Frames" version, which will put a navigational menu (single column Table of Contents, actually) on one side of the screen.

The "Table of Contents" lists every page on the server. As such, it may seem a little overwhelming at first. You may wish to start with "Basic Information" (near the top of the list) or "Frequently Asked Questions" (near the bottom of the list). If you know what you're looking for, and are already familiar with Chicon, try using our "Keyword Search" feature. You can also navigate from one page to the next by using the "Next" or "Previous" selections, with the possible exception of the Chicago in 2000 Bid Pages. If you run into trouble, try "Help." If "Help" doesn't help you figure out what to do next, and you're sure your question is web page related, write to me at

Off-site links are marked with [www]. If you're using Frames, an off-site link should break you out of the frame. If you are using a graphical browser, you'll note that all of the pages on our web site use the same color scheme.

Related Services

If you sign up for our Infobot News Service, you will receive e-mail from us every time our web page is updated (about one message a week, or every month or two if the convention is still more than a year away).

Reaching us by e-mail

If you want to reach a particular person, or a particular department, see our E-mail Directory.

Contact addresses listed on each page are shown like this: Selecting such a link will bring up a fill-in form that you can use to send us e-mail. Be sure to include your own e-mail address. You will receive a copy of your message in your own mailbox. If you don't receive that copy within a day, try again -- it may have gotten lost in cyberspace somehow. If you're not sure who to write to, consult our E-mail Directory first.

The E-mail Infobot may be reached at A computer program will read and attempt to process your e-mail. It's great for all kinds of automatic requests, including sending text files back to you.

The "Help Desk" may be reached at Use this e-mail address if you absolutely need a human being to handle your request. (See also the "Help" page for various ways to get assistance.) When you write to, you'll get a warm friendly message reassuring you that your e-mail is safely on its way to a real live person.

Finally, if you have a suggestion for the web page itself (as opposed to something having to do with a particular department, or the status of your membership, or anything like that), write to Please don't write to my personal address -- e-mail sent to the webmaster address goes to the same computer where I work on the web site.

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