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Roaring Into the Future!

If you listen, you can already hear the roar -- the rushing stream of human technology that's carried us from monasteries to the Moon in this millennium -- to the edge of the Solar System and beyond! Now, as we stand on the cusp of a new millennium, we invite you to bring the 58th World Science Fiction Convention to Chicago, where the 2000s will roar like nothing before!

An experienced committee

We can't think of an area of fandom that some member of our committee hasn't been involved with - dealers, artists, fanzine and APA publishers, costumers, gamers, filkers, and even those strange folks who get up in the morning to attend Worldcon business meetings. Members of our bid committee have held top-level positions at virtually all recent North American Worldcons and have extensive con-running experience in all sections of the continent, from the Pacific Northwest to the Boswash Corridor to the Southeast. (Oh, and also in Chicago...)

A strong fannish base

A successful Worldcon needs a multitude of local volunteers, before, during and after the con. With five annual science fiction conventions -- all independently run -- Chicago has the largest group of experienced, capable volunteers in the Midwest. There's a list of Midwest conventions on the ISFiC Home Page.

Superb facilities

Our headquarters hotel, the Hyatt Regency Chicago, has hosted two previous Worldcons and is enthusiastically waiting to welcome a third. And with 2000 sleeping rooms and 210,000 square feet of function rooms and exhibit halls, you never have to go out into the sun or rain unless you want to.

More fun!

But you will want to go outside. One of the "most visitable" cities in North American, Chicago boasts leading museums, thousands of restaurants, classic architectural landmarks, a vast variety of stores and shops of all kinds, first-rate theater, cutting edge blues and jazz clubs, 20 miles of beaches, the Cubs and White Sox, and hundreds of acres of parks, zoos and arboretums. Our Worldcon site is in the center of it all. This is definitely not your stereotypical "downtown". (How many past Worldcons have been held within sight of a golf course?)

Easy (and cheap) to get to

As the world's leading airline hub, Chicago is a direct flight away from most North American and many overseas cities. Moreover, thanks to intense competition, fares are generally on the lower end of the price spectrum. For the truly budget-conscious, numerous cut-rate carriers, serving most regions of the county, operate out of Midway Airport. Nonfliers can get to Chicago easily by automobile, bus or train. Chicago is a focal point of both the interstate highway system and Amtrak's rail network.

Ready to Roar!

Welcome to the Year 2000, the gateway to the Third Millennium, and the beginning of the Roaring 2000s, the virtually limitless future of Asimov, Clarke, and Heinlein. It's a unique opportunity to look back at where we've been and how we can get to where we want to be a thousand years from now.

Presupport Now

Presupporting memberships are only $10. Not only will it let us know that you care, but it'll also get you started collecting our SF and fantasy author and artist trading cards! If you collect 20 cards and vote in the site selection balloting, we'll give you an attending membership -- if we win, that is, so remember to vote for us... And if you don't want to vote for us, you can voice your opposition by buying a Pre-Opposing membership!

SF Collectable Trading Cards!

The Chicago in 2000 Worldcon Bid is issuing a series of trading cards featuring professionals in the science fiction and fantasy fields. Our objectives are to promote our bid (naturally) and to honor some of the outstanding contributors to the genre.

If you're interested in doing more, write to us about joining the following fine fans who form our bid committee:

Yoel Attiya, Gregory Bennett, Glen Boettcher, George "Dupa T. Parrot" Brickner, Ann Layman Chancellor, Denise Clift, Buck & Juanita Coulson, John Donat, George Alec Effinger, Catherine Fitzsimons, Rick Foss, Maria Gavelis-Pavlac, Mike Glyer, Todd Cameron Hamilton, Tom Hanlon, Mike Jencevice, Bonnie Jones, Randy Kaempen, Kyym & Joei Kimpel, Sally Kobee, George Krause, Bill Krucek, Marcy Lyn-Waitsman, Paul MacNerland, Kelley Mathews, Scott Merritt, Kathleen Meyer, Nancy Mildebrandt, Bruce Miller, Diane Miller, Ross Pavlac, Dave Ratti, Greg Rihn, Bill Roper, Georgie Schnobrich, Larry Smith, Dick Spelman, Allan Sperling, Jon Stopa, Gretchen Van Dorn-Roper, Mike Vande Bunt, and Rick Waterson.

Bid Committee officers: Tom Veal, chairman; Becky Thomson, vice chairman; Dina Krause, treasurer; Jim Rittenhouse, APA editor

Chicago in 2000
P.O. Box 642057
Chicago, Illinois 60664

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